Tuesday Garden Party for August 11th

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Garden Party! I hope all of your gardens are really producing well for you. I know we are getting a good amount of beans each day. A handful of tomatoes each day and a few cucumbers each week.

A few weeks ago I discovered that a few of our cucumber plants weren’t doing very well at all. I moved two of those plants out of the shadow of the beans and gave them all a good dose of Epsom salt to try to bring them out of it. A few of the vines are continuing to struggle, but a few are doing well. Our harvest of cucumbers will be less this year, but I’m thankful for the few we are getting each week. They are great to use in the dill cucumber salad.

A few photos from my garden this week for the Tuesday Garden Party.

I’m also thankful for the bees that are visiting our garden. I let some of the mint go to flower and that has really attracted them to the garden. We also have a few roses still in bloom which helps to attract them too.

This week Michelle is hosting the party. She picked our features for this week and there were so many great links to choose from. If you missed last week’s party, be sure to check it out here.

Tuesday Garden Party

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Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 8/11/2015

From your host this week, Michelle at Simplify, Live, Love.

The progress on the passive house Michelle's family is building.

Happy Tuesday to my lovely Garden Buddies! I hope you are all enjoying the perfect August weather for your gardens – so far so good in Eastern Iowa. I have to admit that I haven’t been that focused on my garden this past week, as we prepare for the big move out of our barn and into our passive house! Luckily, my garden is in somewhat of a holding pattern anyway as the pumpkins, beans, and corn continue to grow in my Three Sisters Garden, and the tomatoes finally {slooooowly} start to ripen. I am still picking cucumbers, broccoli side shoots, and dill and an occasional zucchini and I really need to make more garlic dill pickles.

What's happening in Michelle's Iowa Garden this week.

But I have started digging the potatoes from my no-dig potato patch. I planted three varieties of potatoes (Yukon Gold, Butterball, and La Ratte) and this year and we’ve been eating La Ratte potatoes that grew on the edge of my patch for a while now. Somehow, I managed to plant the potatoes too closely together, and they grew so big that I wasn’t really able to walk through the patch so digging most for early potatoes was somewhat difficult. The plants are dying back now, and since I don’t have a lot else going on the garden, I guess it’s time to dig them up! I’m excited to see how much I harvest. I’ve grown well over 200 pounds of potatoes to store over winter the last two years.

And that’s it from Iowa. I’m excited to share a few posts I really enjoyed from last week and see what you have for us this week!

This week’s features:

This week's features for the Tuesday Garden Party

I love the before and after pictures of Jenn’s Deam Garden at One Thrifty Chick – what a nice job, Jenn!

Nancy from On The Home Front shared a delicious sounding recipe for Blueberry Jam. My blueberries just haven’t done well here in Iowa. I need to research and find out why!

Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction shared a really easy herb rub to make – great use for all the herbs we’ve got growing right now.

I love the colorful chicken flock shared at Homesteading on 4D Acres! Chickens are so much fun. I’m already thinking about more next spring.

I was fascinated by Kathi’s discussion of Walking Onions shared at Oak Hill Homestead. My dad grows these onions too and now I know what they are.

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Garden Party for August 11th”

  1. Not sure why, but our cucumbers are struggling a bit as well.
    Much of our garden was affected by a flash flood. We’ve also had two frosts in July, already (I was able to cover them, so they are fine), but I’m hoping it’s not a sign of more colder weather sooner than later. They are just the tiny ones that we make baby pickles with, but I’d still like to get some. Maybe I will try some epsom salt like you did.
    Great job on the beans!

    1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear your cucumbers are also struggling this year. I hope the Epsom salt helps yours too. My cucumbers have improved but still aren’t growing like they usually do. I went and purchased 25 pounds of cucumbers to make dill pickles this year. I found a deal at $7.95 for a 25-pound bag. Now we have 21 jars of dill pickles for this year. Wow frost in July, is that normal for your area? Or are you having a cooler summer than normal?

      1. It’s been awhile since we had a frost in July, but we know it can happen every day of the year. You can see our weather patterns here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley,_Idaho) if you want. Feel free to delete this since Google just started recognizing links in comments as spam and decrease your site ratings–I totally understand.
        I *wish* I could find a deal like that on cucumbers! We lost the entire patch last year, and I’m worried I won’t get much this year. I’ve never thought to purchase them because I assume they’d be too expensive. Did you do a post on that? I’ve got to search your site now…

        1. Deborah, We have a few farm stands near our home and one of them will put their day old produce on markdown. The day I went they have 6, 25-pound bags of marked down cucumbers. They also had boxes of yellow peppers for just $3 a box of about 30 peppers per box. I debated on whether to buy a box of peppers too, but I decided the cucumbers were enough to do in one day. Thanks for the link I will check it out.

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