Tuesday Garden Party for August 4th

Welcome to the Tuesday Garden Party. I hope the hot weather isn’t wilting your garden. I know by midday my lettuce is looking a little droopy. I heard on a gardening show that when the plant leaves are looking a little droopy, it’s good to give them a little spritz of water to cool the leaves down and help the plant with photosynthesis. I’ve been trying to remember to go out during the heat of the day and spritz the garden, not so much to water the plants but to help cool them off in the really warm weather.

I’m hosting this week, scroll on down so you can see which posts I featured and if you missed last week’s Tuesday Garden Party you can see all the links here.

Tuesday Garden Party

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We had a bunch of rain come down on the last weekend of July. We had as much rain in two days, as we usually will have for the whole month of July. I guess we were trying to catch up on our rainfall, since it had been so very dry.

I loved seeing the rain and not having to water, but my tomatoes didn’t like it one bit. It’s funny how some of them reacted. I mean I know when tomatoes are ripe or close to being ripe, they will split if they get too much water all of the sudden. But the really ripe ones didn’t split, it was the partially ripe ones that split open from the rain.

With a good amount of rain some of my tomatoes split. But I was surprised at which ones.

I picked all of the tomatoes that had huge splits in the skin and I’m ripening them on the counter in the kitchen. I left a few that only had small slits and although the tomatoes have a scar, they are continuing to grow and ripen.

After the rain I also found two huge cucumbers. I only grow picking cucumbers, instead of slicing cucumbers, so these are quite big ones, almost the size of the slicing cucumbers. Instead of trying to pickle them, I used them in a dill cucumber salad. It was gone in one meal. My kids just love it.

Updates on how my garden is growing.

I also have a few peppers forming. Last year we only ended up with a few peppers. I think this year we will have quite a few. I was so happy to see a few bees buzzing around in the garden. We have had fewer bees this summer in the garden. I’ve been hand pollinating every other day, just to be sure. It seems to be working with the peppers and we are finally getting into full production on the beans too.

That’s the update of what’s been going on in my garden. Here’s a few of the great links that were shared last week.

This Week’s Feature Posts are….

This week's features for the Tuesday Garden Party

1. Making infused water with fruit and vegetables from Feather in the Woods

2. Amy shared a few photos of her porches and the flowers she has around them. The porches are just so lovely.

3. Murano Chicken Farm shared 6 ways to dispose of coop bedding. I would love to have chickens but my husband just isn’t interested in taking them on.

4. Don’t think you have room for a garden? Mindy shared how her driveway veggies are doing. She is even growing a watermelon.

5. I hadn’t heard of this tip before I read it from Nancy. Did you know you can clean garden tools with tea? I’m going have to give this a try.

Can’t wait to see what all of you have to share with us this week!

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