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Tuesday Garden Party for July 28th

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Garden Party! I hope your garden is coming along really well this year. This past week we’ve been harvesting cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. I’ve been surprised at how well the lettuce has been doing with all of our hot, dry weather. I harvested a bunch to share with our neighbors this week and it didn’t even look like hardly any was missing from the garden.

My cucumbers have started to recover a little bit. I added the Epsom salt and the leaves are no longer turning yellow and I actually harvested one cucumber off the vine cucumbers this week. But I’m not sure they will fully recover. But I happy to have the plants turning around.

This beautiful dragonfly was visiting our garden this week.

We also noticed a visitor in our garden this week. This beautiful dragonfly landed on our shed. I spotted it, when I was taking out the trash. I quickly went in to grab the camera, thinking it will be gone by the time I got back. But to my surprise it was still there. After getting a few photos, I called to kids to come and see it. They also got to look at it up close. It stuck around for quite a while and then finally took off. It’s always fun to get to see insects up close. This dragonfly had such pretty blue eyes and the black part of the body was fuzzy too, which doesn’t show up in the photo very well.

Let’s get onto the party now! If you missed last week’s Tuesday Garden Party you can see it here. I would love to hear what’s growing in your garden, scroll down to add a link or leave me a comment below.
Tuesday Garden Party

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From your host this week, Jami at An Oregon Cottage:

Jami beautiful bean blossoms

Since I didn’t get our beans planted until late May, I’m impatiently waiting for the first beans. While I’m waiting, though, I enjoy watching the pole beans climb and adore the sweet purple blossoms on my favorite Emerite pole beans. I love it when edibles are beautiful, too!

What's growing in Jami's Garden this week.

Most things in my summer garden are really liking all the heat – I harvested early zucchini and grape tomatoes (early for me – I’m usually late with planting them, and didn’t plant zucchini until June), the tomato plants are growing HUGE and are loaded with both smaller ripening tomatoes (Early Girl, Black Cherry, and the grape tomato are all ripening for me now) and gigantic green heirlooms like the Brandywine pictured. Wow, it’s going to be a banner year for tomatoes!

The peppers are growing great, too, and haven’t really needed their pepper house this season – it’s been open for all but the first few weeks. I’m starting to get ripening peppers, but sadly I’m getting lots of sun scald. It ruins that part of the pepper, unfortunately, and there’s apparently not enough leaf cover to prevent it. Bummer. Maybe I should try to add a shade screen to the top of the pepper house? Any one else have experience with this problem?

That’s it from my garden, on to the features I picked from last week!

The Tuesday Garden Party features for this week.

1a. & 1b. If you’ve got strawberries still (mine are long gone), you’ll want to check out these two jams to make: No Sugar Strawberry Chokecherry Jam @ Grace & Garden Homestead and Strawberry-Rhubarb Jelly @ The Country Nest

2. Check out this list of flower seeds you can plant in the fall @ Sensible Gardening

3. Get tips on drying hydrangeas @ New House New Home

4. For those of us with dry summers here are some ways to conserve water @ Our Quarter Acre Homestead

5. I simply adore the riot of flower color @Priscillas – wow. (note to self: plant zinnias next year!!)

Looking forward to your shares for this week!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Garden Party for July 28th”

  1. The zinnias and that dragonfly are indeed both very beautiful!
    We found a wild cherry tree this week and brought home a couple gallons to put up. As I began to prepare them, I found a worm–in every single one of them. So… as you can imagine, I have no cherry posts to share this week. But I always love coming by anyway and pursuing all the inspiration here.

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