Tuesday Garden Party for June 16th

I had been waiting and waiting for a head of lettuce to go to seed. You might think that’s a little odd. Why not just eat it before it goes to seed? You see this head of lettuce wintered over. I couldn’t believe it, but it made it through three freezes. You might have seen my tweet about it. If you don’t follow me on twitter,  I would love to have you click here to do just that.

Then come spring, it started to grow again. I was going to harvest it but then I thought if this lettuce is so hardy, I need to save seeds from the plant.

I waited, but it just kept getting bigger and finally it started to shoot up. It got taller and taller, then fell over. I had to move it many times when I mowed around the garden. At one point, I thought if this thing doesn’t bloom soon, it’s gotta go.

Well, this past week it started to bloom. I was really surprised by the beautiful flowers it produced. I shared them on Instagram, you might have seen one of the photo below there.

Can you believe these are flowers on a lettuce plant? This lettuce wintered over through 3 freezes, it's quite the hardy plant.

Now, I’m just waiting for the flowers to go to seed. Have you noticed with gardening, there are times with lots of work and times of waiting. Once the waiting is over,  I’m going to collect as many of the seeds as I can and keep them to plant next year. This lettuce was so hardy it should make for some great growing lettuce.

Did you join us at last week’s party? If you missed it you can see all the great links shared from last week here. Then come back and scroll down to see which links Jami featured below.

Tuesday Garden Party

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From Jami @ An Oregon Cottage:

Flowers in bloom in Jami's Oregon garden

June is such a lovely time for blooms, isn’t it? Some things are finished blooming, some are in full bloom and some are just starting. I find such joy in just walking around our property and seeing what is blooming. Of course I do have roses, but some of my other favorites are pictured above, clockwise from top left: hardy geranium, lovely scented sweet peas, spirea (the blossoms up close aren’t all that great, but they cover the small bush, making a great show), and the first buds of hydrangea.

The vegetables growing in Jami's Oregon garden in June

And the garden is producing and growing! Sometimes I’m all upset that I didn’t get my seeds planted ‘in time’ and so my corn is only just sprouting in mid-June, but we have great weather through October, so I’ve plenty of time to harvest and enjoy it, so I need to learn to chill I think. A couple of interesting side notes:

  • The broccoli I started from seed (Arcadia – I’m so impressed I remembered the name, ha!) is heading up beautifully, but I lost one of the cauliflowers to early seed. The three others of this same variety seem to be doing fine. Growing from seed often feels like a crap shoot!
  • The chard is so beautiful, I can’t believe it! Usually by this time it’s older leaves are taken over by leaf miners – they must not like the warmer weather, since that’s pretty much the only thing different this year.
  • We’re already harvesting heaps of blueberries and will continue for a month or more. I’m freezing, eating, and planning to make some things from this big list of great recipe and preserving ideas.

It was another week of great pictures, tips and ideas from the TGP! Here are my features for this week:

This week's features for the Tuesday Garden party

1. Lovely porch garden & summery daisy wreath @ Pricillas

2. Vintage drying rack flower arrangement @ Chateau Chic

3. Beautiful Fairy roses (one of my favorites!) blooming @ Fishtail Cottage

4. Canned rhubarb juice @ Grace Garden & Homestead

5. Tips for growing tomatoes @ Our Stoney Acres

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us this week!

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Garden Party for June 16th”

  1. Good morning, Shelly! Thanks for hosting! I recently attended the Garden Bloggers Fling in Toronto and after some discussion, we realized that it can be a hassle finding other garden blogs. After meeting so many great and fun bloggers at the Fling, I wanted to collect all of them! In response I added a simple directory to my site for garden bloggers. If you want your garden blog on the site, just click over and fill out the form. It’s a purely selfish way of sharing my collection. 🙂 http://southernwilddesign.com/garden-blog-directory/

  2. Love your beautiful lettuce blooms! We had some super hardy kale that lived through our pretty harsh winter and I’m doing the same thing. Great minds think alike 🙂 .
    It’s been in bright yellow bloom for a month now and doesn’t seem to be fading. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite blooming plants now.

    1. I love saving seeds from hardy plants. The flowers on the plants are such a nice bonus too. 🙂

      I saved a bunch of seeds from our green beans last year, because they were so hardy. I’m hoping they produce well again this year.

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