Tuesday Garden Party for May 12th

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Garden Party. I hope your garden is growing great. I know we had some really nice weather over the weekend. Almost summer like weather, which was great for the garden but I’m not quite ready for summer like heat yet.

My rhubarb bread fail.

This week I had a recipe failure with a new recipe I was trying to make for rhubarb bread. You can read more about that here. Since I’m on a roll with sharing failures and  I’m hosting the Tuesday Garden Party, I thought I would share about a gardening failure that just happen to me. Scroll on down to see what didn’t do well in my garden already this year.

Tuesday Garden Party

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My Gardening Failure

Growing your own food is something that I just love. From the time I was little, we always had a garden of some kind. As soon as I had my own home, I started to grow some of our food. There is just something about planting this tiny seed and having it produce a great bounty for you. There is something magical about it.

But along with the good bounty, come the failures too. The last few years, my failure has been broccoli. But this year, I had something fail, that I thought was pretty much foolproof. It’s the radishes. I’ve had radishes not do well because of bugs eating on them, but this year the bugs had nothing to do with it. I think it was more the weather.

I planted my radishes early on in the season, in mid February. It should have been plenty early enough for them to grow and before any amount of heat got to them. But as I went out to survey my radishes a few weeks ago, I noticed none of them were plumping up. The roots that I felt were still skinny and scrawny. The greens looked great, but where were my radishes.

My first garden failure this year. It's a bad year for radishes in my garden.

Then a week later, I knew I wouldn’t be getting any radishes this year. The radishes all went to seed. Yes, each and every one of them. Ugh! I’m not sure what the problem was, but I suspect our early warm spring weather was the culprit.

But it could have been the variety I was growing too. I was trying to grow radishes called, Watermelon Radish. They are whitish green on the outside and red on the inside. Such a pretty looking vegetable, I thought. But this year we won’t know how great they could taste, since all I have are greens and scrawny roots.

I might let the flowers stay and collect a few seeds, I don’t want it to be a total loss. For next year, I might have to go back to my tried and true varieties, sparkler radishes and breakfast radishes. I’ve had good luck with them over the years. I just wanted to try something new, but it didn’t work out.

Last week we had some great gardening successes and tips shared. Here’s a few of my favorite ones from last week,

The features for this week's Tuesday Garden Party.

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4. How to Make a Rain Barrel from The Sustainable Couple

5. Herb-y Basket Gift Idea from My Thrift Store Addiction


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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Garden Party for May 12th”

  1. Arg. It can be so frustrating when something doesn’t produce in our gardens 🙁 . Will you try your radishes again this year in a different place?

    1. Deborah, I’m not sure I’ll give them a try again. It’s been warm off and on and I’m afraid as soon as they get growing, it will get warm again and just make them bolt. I might try again closer to fall.

  2. I’ve had this happen to some of my radishes also – not all – just some. They were planted at the same time. Those skinny ones tend to go to seed first. Maybe it is something like a “male” seed that doesn’t produce “fruit or vegetables”. I really don’t know the reason either, but it would be interesting to find out. Never too old to learn something new!

  3. I’m planting the watermelon radishes too. I did a little research on them and here’s what I discovered:

    This 3 inch (7.5 cm), round Chinese radish is red on the inside and green/white on the outside, with a unique juicy sweet taste. It is for summer to fall sowing only and will bolt if sown in spring.

    Hope that helps. I’m going to sow some in my summer garden.

    1. Lani,

      Thanks for sharing this information with me. I knew I should have done a little more research before planting them.

      So I won’t give up on them for this year, I’ll try planting some later in the summer. The ones I planted at the wrong time have nice flowers on them now. 🙂

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