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Tuesday Garden Party for September 22nd

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Garden Party. I hope you still have some great produce coming out of your garden. Our garden is slowing down. We’ve been getting a handful of beans each day along with a few tomatoes too.

But I wanted to share one change I made this year to growing our peppers. We had a little warmer summer than normal here, which I’m sure helped to contribute to the amount of pepper we’ve been harvesting. But I also do one other change. I decided to hand pollinate. We ended up with twice as many peppers as we usually would get.

I scoped about it last week and you can watch the scope below. If you are on Periscope I would love to have you follow me. If you don’t care to join Periscope you can find my videos on my I just started to use the service to save my videos and so far I like it.

Please excuse the frog in my throat. I was fine until I started the scope. But isn’t that always how it is. I also tried to record myself talking after showing the peppers, but the darn camera wouldn’t turn around. Oh the glitches.

That’s enough about my garden. Let’s get on to the party for this week. If you missed last week’s party you can see all the great links that were shared here.

Tuesday Garden Party

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From your host this week, Michelle @SimplifyLiveLove:

This week's Tuesday Garden Party.

I’m not sure what sort of weather you’ve been having in your neck of the woods, but we’re definitely heading into fall with the cooler weather out here in Eastern Iowa. We got over 2 inches of rain accompanied by lots of thunder and lightning this past weekend, which isn’t really normal for late September. I’m surprised to see leaves turning and falling already and the field crops seemed to turn golden brown overnight. The farmers who had already started harvesting their crops have had to pull out of the fields to wait for them to dry out.

Fall harvest from Michelle's Iowa Garden.

If we’re keeping it real here, I will admit that my garden is mostly a disaster area, full of weeds and overgrown plants. The wind and rain knocked down most of the corn in my Three Sisters Garden over the weekend, which is fine because it’s mostly ready for harvest anyway. My tomatoes have grown so big that they’ve knocked over a few cages. Despite the large size of the plants, however, I continue to harvest very few tomatoes, which is my sad gardening fail this year. I’m not sure what factors led to the tomato fail, but I’m sure it’s some combo of varieties of tomatoes, the inclement weather this summer, and perhaps being planted too closely together. I need to develop a better strategy for next year to make sure that I can preserve tomatoes! I am very happy with the fall harvest of pumpkins, ornamental corn, and dried beans, however. The Three Sisters Garden has been a huge success and I will try to improve upon it next year.

I hope you have a great first day of fall this week – I know I’m looking forward to the changing seasons! And now, on to the Tuesday Garden Party! If you missed last week’s post, you can find it here. As usual, you all shared some fabulous posts and I’ve highlighted five of them below.

Features from last week:

Features from this week's Tuesday Garden Party

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  5. September 13 in the Garden from Priscillas 2000

Please link up this week and share how you’re celebrating fall! I can’t wait to see your posts.

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Garden Party for September 22nd”

  1. I’m trying to grow more inside this year (winter) and haven’t been able to get myself motivated yet. You’ve inspired me to think about things differently. Hand pollinating changes everything.
    Good job on your yield!

    1. Thanks, Deborah. I was super happy with our yield this year. It only took a few minutes here and there but did make a big difference. What are you planning on growing indoors?

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