Tuesday Garden Party, March 17th

I’m so happy with how my garden is doing this year. We already have daffodils up. They are the first flowers we have in our garden every year and I’m always glad to see them.

The first sign of spring in the garden, lovely daffodils.

Our roses are getting nice and leafy. Although we have been having trouble with the squirrels coming and eating the leaves off the rose bushes. I don’t remember them doing that last year. But then again the squirrels that frequent our yard are a little odd at times.

The rhubarb is up and I’m hoping to have a good harvest again this year. I like to make at least one batch of Rhubarb Custard Crisp, to share with the kid’s great grandma. I’m also hoping to make a batch of Rhubarb Jam too.

Not only are these blueberry blossoms beautiful, but soon they will produce yummy blueberries for us to eat.

I noticed we have quite a few blossoms on our blueberry bushes. I think the blossoms are as beautiful to look at, as the blueberries are yummy to eat.

But enough about my garden, I would love to have you share about your garden below. Also be sure to check out the great featured posts that Michelle picked out from last week.

Tuesday Garden Party

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This week’s Tuesday Garden Party host is Michelle from SimplifyLiveLove.

Getting started in the garden in Iowa

The first day of SPRING is officially this week (Friday, March 20) and I am so excited. While I understand a lot of you have already been enjoying spring-like weather in your area, it has really JUST arrived here in Eastern Iowa.

I was very excited to finally get my seeds started on Friday the 13th. I started them too early last year and managed it kill quite a few before I transplanted them. This year, I waited. And waited. And now they’re finally growing planted. I’m excited to try my luck at starting seeds again even though it seems there’s always some impediment to my progress. Hopefully, this year’s the year we’ll get it all just right.

I finally found signs of life in my garden this week – my strawberries are starting to turn green and leaf out. AND, I was excited to find what I think are daffodils coming up. I can’t ever remember which is planted where- daffodils or tulips. You’d think I’d write that down. Maybe this year, eh? Last year, my row of tulips came in great, but I only got a few daffodils. This year it’s too soon tell for me just yet, but I will keep their progress updated, especially on Instagram.

Finally, I was distracted this week with new-to-us ducklings and meat chicks. My friend Kelli, from The Sustainable Couple, texted me late in the week and asked if I’d be able to take a few mystery birds from her neighbor whose daughter had brought them home without permission.

I thought I was getting 2-3 week old ducklings and egg layers, but that’s not quite how it ended up. You guys. I ended up with 2 of the sweetest, not-so-little ducklings and 6 of the ugliest chicks I’ve ever seen.

Kelli and I were both pretty appalled at the way these chicks looked, and were sad at the deplorable conditions in which they were kept. Just say no to buying live chicks and ducklings if you aren’t able to provide them a proper habitat. I’ve since realized that the chicks are most likely meat birds, and actually look pretty normal for their type, but I want to remind people to buy pets responsibly. And that’s my PSA for the duration of the Tuesday Garden Party. I’m sure you all agree with me on that.

Anyway, let’s get this party started with the featured posts from last week! Keep linking up those posts. We love to read them each week.

This week's features for the Tuesday Garden Party #TuesdayGardenParty

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Garden Party, March 17th”

  1. Wow. Coming to the Tuesday Garden Party always fills me with new excitement. Our bulbs are starting to pop through (way to early for us), and I look at your lovely pictures and think, “If we don’t get any more snow, maybe mine will look that lovely?”
    I had to totally laugh out loud about your squirrels–only because they’re so cute when they are in someone else’s yard 🙂 . Really, though, I do empathize…

    1. Deborah, thanks for stopping by. I hope you don’t get more snow. I know so many areas have been hit hard this winter. I’m sure you would love to have a little more spring type weather.

      Yes, those squirrels are oh so cute, until they well, act like squirrels and eat the roses.

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