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Tuesday Garden Party for September 30th

The leaves are really starting to fall at our house. This past week I picked up leaves on Monday and on Saturday. We have eight trees on our property. All of them lose their leaves except for one, our cedar tree. At least the trees seem to take turns losing their leaves.

Right now, we are picking up the leaves from our dogwood trees and the spinners off the maple tree. Once the dogwoods are almost done then the leaves start to fall off the maple tree. Then finally ,when the maple is almost bare our two oak trees release their leaves. So between now and mid december, I’ll be working on keep the leaves picked up in our yard. What is going on in your garden this week?

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From your host this week, Jami @ An Oregon Cottage

Tuesday Garden Party Late September Harvests, Frugal Family Home

The major happenings in my garden this last week were harvesting the last big bunch of tomatoes (from now on, there’ll only be a bowl full every few days until the plants are cut down by frost) and decorating for fall with our pumpkin harvest. This was the first year I was able to successfully grow the heirloom Jarrahdale squash (which is a pumpkin to me!) and I harvested three medium-to-large fruits. They are listed in the gardening catalogs as blue-gray, but mine seem to have a green cast to the gray which is perfect for my non-blue decor! The medium-sized white pumpkins are ‘Lumina’ and they did only so-so, producing four fruits, while the ‘Baby Boo’ vines did the best, producing about 30 little sweet pumpkins.

One part of me thinks it’s silly how happy it makes me to grow and decorate with unique neutral pumpkins, and the other part of me is just happy whenever I look at them! But before you talk about eating them, let me just say that is not happening. I’m one of those who can’t stand the flavor of pumpkin – alone, in breads, cakes or anywhere. But they sure look good, don’t they?

This Week’s Features

Okay, on to the features from last week’s TGP, where you’ll find everything from fall decor to canning to garden decorations to planning for winter. It’s amazing what a treasure trove each week’s party is for learning and inspiration, isn’t it?

This Week's Features on the Tuesday Garden Party, Frugal Family Home

1. A hardy perennial begonia that comes back each year from Garden Matter.

2. Steps to pressure canning beans from Growing in His Grace.

3. This information from My 1929 Charmer was pretty amazing to me: the decorative sweet potato vines we all plant in our summer pots grow edible sweet potato tubers just like we’d grow in our gardens! Who knew?

4. A fun garden trellis made from rebar and pallets at My Flagstaff Home.

5. Tips from Schneider Peeps to make a lot of compost through the winter, including composting right in your empty beds.

6. I never think to dry summer’s Dusty Miller like Upstairs Downstairs, but it would look great in a basket through winter!


So, what’s going on in your gardens this last week of September/first week of October?

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