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Chicken Freezer Meals

It's really true you can make 8 chicken freezer meals in about an hour. I can show you how. Plus they taste so fresh and delicious too.

Freezer Cooking Ebook

8 Chicken Freezer Meals in an Hour

Get this great chicken freezer meals ebook. It will show you how to make 8 freezer dinners in less than an hour. It's such a great price too.

This chicken freezer meals ebook will teach you how to make 8 delicious dinners in less than an hour.

The secret to getting so many meals down in so little time is there is no pre-cooking at all. All that is needed is to portion the chicken add it to the freezer bags with the marinade. It’s really that simple to do.

If you tried freezer cooking like I did and was frustrated with all the steps involved. With all the cooking, cooling, and then packaging of the meals. I’m sure you’ll find this freezer cooking technique so much easier.

The meals taste freshly made because they were cooked fresh the day of serving not a month before.

You’ll be able to save money by not eating out on those busy days because dinner will be waiting in the freezer. You’ll be able to easily stock your freezer with chicken meals your family will love and save by purchasing the chicken when it’s on sale.

It’s a perfect plan for those who are trying to keep their grocery budgets low.

In this ebook, I share not only the recipes but how to…

Prep your work surface for easy clean up
The three steps I take before I even get the chicken out of the refrigerator to start
What kind of cutting board I’ve found works best
How to cut the chicken up to minimize the waste and maximize the meals
A shopping list of all of the ingredients needed to make the meals

Each recipe has a list of other ingredients (if any) that are needed when you prepare the meal. So you’ll know you have what you need on hand.

Plus I’ve included side dish recipes with each chicken freezer recipe. For each side dish recipes, there’s a list of ingredients needed and instructions to prepare each side dish. It’s like having a meal plan in each recipe so you don’t have to even think about what to serve with the chicken.

Full List of Chicken Freezer Recipes

• Barbecue Chicken
• Cashew Chicken Stir Fry
• Cranberry Chicken
• Fajita Chicken
• Herb Rubbed Chicken
• Italian Chicken
• Maple Mustard Chicken
• Teriyaki Chicken

All of these recipes are recipes my family loves and we eat often. Even my picky eater who doesn’t like chicken that well will eat this recipe without a protest. Your mileage may vary with your own picky eater. 🙂

Most of these recipes can be prepared in the slow cooker or on the grill for hot summer days. In the cooler months, they can be made in the oven. Cooking these chicken recipe can be adjusted to each season of the year.

So if you are like me and are frustrated with spending so much time in the kitchen making freezer meals, you need to try these recipes.

Truly you can make these 8 chicken freezer meals in about an hour. I make them regularly and they are quick and easy to make. And since these freezer meals are cooked for the first time out of the freezer they all taste freshly prepared meals instead of leftovers.

What’s an eCookbook?

This chicken freezer cookbook is a PDF ebook. That can be read on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This ebook is also formatted to print on 8.5×11” paper if you want to have a printed copy.

After you purchase you’ll be directed to a page where you can download your ebook.When you order you’ll get my printable Freezer Inventory Sheet too!

Get this great chicken freezer meals ebook. It will show you how to make 8 freezer dinners in less than an hour. It's such a great price too.