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Home Cooking

Can Be Simple!

Cooking good food for your family doesn’t have to take all day or cost a lot of money.


Feel Good About the Food You Cook

Less Junk and More Real Food

Ingredients to cook from scratch

You want to cook better food for your family.

Cooking good food for your family without taking all day is possible. See how to get started…


Let Me Help You Learn to Cook Real Foods with Ease.

Hi, I’m Shelly!

I help busy moms cut the junk and cook more whole food meals without spending all day in the kitchen.

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Shelly Olson of Frugal Family Home
Step 1 Planning

Step 2 Stratgeic Shopping
Step 3 Simple Meals
Step 4 Prep ahead
number 1


Having a plan whether it’s for shopping, cooking, or preparing ahead makes all the difference at how easy it is to cook real foods fast. 

Number 2

Strategic Shopping

Knowing what to buy when you go shopping, sticking to your plan, and stocking up to save.

Number 3

Simple Meals

Real food simple meals don’t have to be boring. You can make delicious simple meals your family will love. That won’t have you being a slave to your kitchen.

Number 4

Prep Ahead

Make dinner in a flash when you prep ahead. So you won’t have to sacrifice real food meal on those busy days. For a quick no so good for you dinner solution. 

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