Cheap Eats: Spaghetti

Cheap Eats is a series of post I will be doing on good, inexpensive and mainly fast meals. I will include a break down of what  it cost me for each item and a total. Hope you enjoy these ideas. I know sometimes to it hard to think of what to make for a meal let alone to be worried about the cost of the meal. So here we go with the first one:

Spaghetti with meat sauce

  • Pasta Sauce $.99 (this is price I have to have to purchase it)
  • Pasta FREE ( I usually don’t buy pasta unless I can get it for free with coupon to $.50 a box)
  • Ground Beef $.99 ( I usually use half a pound for a batch for our family of 4-my purchase price is $1.99/lb)
  • Salad $.50 ( I can get a head of lettuce at my local discount store for $.20-$.25 a head)Price includes other veggies to make it a salad
  • Salad Dressing $.99 ( This is the price for a whole bottle on sale, but I can usually get it for free)
  • French Bread $.40 ( this is store bought price at the bread store for half a loaf)
  • Butter and seasonings for bread $.25

This brings our Spaghetti and Meat sauce meal to $4.12 for a family of 4 or $1.03 per person.

Do you have any cheap meals you make? Please leave your ideas in the comments


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