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Cost of Cars

How to Figure the Cost of a Car

I was reading at The Simple Dollar about how to compare the cost of two different cars you might be considering buying. By factoring the cost per mile you can find what it will cost you for a car over its lifetime.

We only buy used cars. My husband is a auto technician so we purchase used cars that he has found to be reliable. If you are considering a new car or at least a newer car to you. You might give this post a look over. You can learn how to figure out your cost per mile which can really show you how much the car will really cost you in the long run and which car is a better buy. 

Click Here to go to the post.

My husband tracks our cost of ownership with Automotive Wolf. It isn’t too expensive and might be an option for you if you like to use software to track expenses.

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1 thought on “Cost of Cars”

  1. We purchased a new vehicle last October because we were no longer going to fit in our old Pacifica with the addition of our newest baby. We ended up buying new, but I think we still got a very good deal. My husband is a pretty patient haggler when it comes to cars. After about 3 weeks, several car dealerships, and phone calls going back and forth about price…we ended up satisfied that we got the best possible price for our mini-van. The best part is that we all fit into it! 🙂

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