Frugal Living Success, Find the Challenge

Find the challenge in frugal living and succeed.

Most people aren’t motivated to live the frugal life just for fun. Unless you are one of those weird people like myself, that actually enjoy it. You need to have a purpose for not living like the norm. The thrill of saving at the store with coupons will slowly fade away. You need to have a purpose for frugal living.

Find What’s Important

Find what is more important to you, instead of that next new big shinny thing. Maybe it’s the security and freedom of being debt free that will keep you from being pulled into a spending spree. Or it’s the thought of changing to a new lower paying job you just love to wake up to each and every day. Or maybe it’s the ability to be able to be your own boss.


I have heard it said, new products that are constantly coming out, are just distractions. Distraction to keep us from really thinking about how mundane and mediocre our lives have become. It’s easier to buy into the next new thing to help save us time or make us a better person. Than it is to put forth the effort to change our lives to what we really want in life.

That’s not saying that every new and improved product isn’t a good thing. If it helps you truly live the life you want to live then it’s a help and not a hinderance.

Weigh the Cost

Take the time to weigh the cost of each purchase. Think about, will this purchase get me closer to my dream or just further away? Will it serve as a distraction to what I really need to be doing? Or will it help me achieve my goals? Everything is a give and take. Each decision builds on the other, either in the right direction or the wrong direction.

You are in control. Think about how your life is different from what you would have liked it to be. Leave the new and improved distractions behind and focus on what is really important to you. I think when you do, you will find it is easy to be a happy non consumer.

You need to find your reason for living frugally. You need to find it, so when those distractions come along, you will stay focused and achieve your goals.

What is your biggest challenge to living more frugally? What steps can you take to today? I would love to have you share your thoughts in the comments below. They can really help to encourage others on this same frugal living journey.


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2 thoughts on “Frugal Living Success, Find the Challenge”

  1. My biggest challenge has to be the lack of time I have to pursue deals and go to the store. Another challenge is overcoming my desire to stay home all the time and not go shopping for the absolute best deals. For this reason, we spend more on groceries.

    I think that once my kids are older this will change, and I’ll get back into deal shopping again. 🙂

  2. Ive enjoyed reading your article and do agree with everything in life there should be a purpose. That goes for frugal living as well. Keep on promoting frugal living. Love it!!!!

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