Frugal Moving Tips


Will you be moving soon? I know I have only moved three times since I’ve been married and only four times my whole life. But I do know that moving can end up costing you lots of money.

The few moves we have done have all been fairly inexpensive. To save we do all of our own packing and rent a truck to move it to the new house. We also have been blessed with family to come and help load and unload the trucks too.

My friend Tamara, from OKC Mom of 3, recently made a move. They decided to downsize and moved over the summer. She was kind enough to chat with me about how her family saved during their most recent move.

Click on the video below to hear about her tips. But don’t worry if you don’t care to watch videos just scroll down. I’ve typed her tips out too.

Frugal Moving Tips

Can’t see the video, try here.

Tip #1 Move Yourself

Hiring a moving company to pack, or just move you, can cost quite a bit. Save the cash by packing up your things yourself. Barter with others to get helpers to make the move on moving day. Or ask around, local high school or college students may be willing to help at a much more reasonable rate.

Tip #2 Gather Supplies for Free

When you move, it takes boxes, lots of boxes. You can purchase boxes for items, but often used boxes will work just as good. Be sure to check your local Craigslist for people giving away or selling their moving boxes. Ask at the grocery store for apple boxes or other boxes. Most stores will give them away for free.

Gather newspaper, extra paper sacks, and plastic sacks. All work really well to wrap and protect items. If you don’t take the paper ask your neighbors if you can have theirs when they are done reading them. Or ask at the local paper, often you can get the old ones for free.

Paper sacks make great heavy duty wrappers for moving. Plastic sacks can be used to secure items in a box that is a little too big.

Tip #3 De-clutter Before You Move

As you are packing be sure to go through all of your items. If you find something that you haven’t used in a while, it might be a great time to let it go. But be sure to keep the extra blankets and linens for wrapping larger items in during the move. You can always donate them once your move is done.

Tip #4 Use Your Suitcases

Use your suitcase for your clothing you will need coming up to moving day. It will save on needing to have a special wardrobe box, and your basic clothes will still be easily accessible while your unneeded clothing can be packed away.

When I’ve moved in the past I like to pack everything up the week before the move only keeping out the bare necessities for the last week. So moving day is just moving and doesn’t involve much packing at all.

Be sure to visit Tamara at OKC Mom of 3 for great recipes, homemaking inspiration and more.

What’s a frugal moving tip that you could share? I would love to have you leave your tips in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Frugal Moving Tips”

  1. Oh man, we’ve moved so many times in our marriage. Lol! 🙂 I think Tamara’s tips were right on. We always pack our own things and rent a moving truck. We get boxes from the grocery store, but with our last couple of moves, we actually purchased boxes, too. They weren’t very expensive, and because they were brand new, we found that we could save and reuse many of them. We’ve got a bunch in our basement right now…just waiting for our next move!

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