One Simple Change to Save Money

In my frugal homemaking journey, I’ve tried a few things to help me stay on track with my home and budget. Some changes worked really well, others not so well but I learned along the way.

One small change that can help you save lots of money. | Frugal Family Home

I was trying to think of one thing. One easy little thing to share that has helped me the most, not only in saving money but in becoming a better homemaker. Do you know what the one thing is? It is staying home.

Yes, that’s right. Staying home is the one simple change I have made, that has saved our family not only money, but my sanity too.

Why Staying Home Saves Money

When I’m at home, I not only save money on gas. I also stay away from places I could be spending money. I know for years I used going to the store as a form of entertainment. I would always tell myself I’ll just go look, I won’t buy anything. Well I’m sure you know how that goes.

I would be cruising the mall or the local Target store and find something that I just couldn’t live without. Something that was on sale and I just couldn’t pass up. Yes, there was almost always something that needed to come home with me.

I would have the best intentions to not purchase anything but the best intentions, don’t always get you anywhere good. Those intentions, tended to get us into debt.

Why Staying Home Help Me to Be a Better Homemaker

Like I’ve said before homemaking is a big job. It’s a job that is never ending, especially if you have kids at home. You get one thing done and there is always ten more waiting to be done.

If I’m out running around all day, going here and there, there won’t be any time to tackle my jobs at home. My house will end up a mess. Making it hard to be at home and relax. The laundry will turn into a mountain, that I just don’t want to take on.

But when I make the effort to stay home, I have the time to do the things that need to be done. The things that make my family happy and in turn, make me happy.

Adjusting isn’t Easy, But it’s Doable

Years ago if someone had given me this advice I just shared with you, I probably would have said, it’s not for me and left it at that. I loved being out and about. Doing things, anything to get me out of the house. But something started to change. The more I stayed home and invested in my home, the more I loved being home.

The more time I spent at home, the more time I had to do the things I loved and wanted to do. I also noticed the more I stayed home, the more extra money we had to put towards things that really mattered. Instead of putting money into things that were right in front of me.

It didn’t happen overnight but slowly I changed and you can too. Start investing in your home and your heart will follow.


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4 thoughts on “One Simple Change to Save Money”

  1. This is very true. I love being out and about but the rest of the family loves staying home. Of course, my house ends up a mess either way so I guess I need to figure that one out 😉

  2. That’s true for me too! Last year we moved to a more rural area and it’s definitely helped us save money unintentionally by staying home because there was less places to go.

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