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Quick Frugal Tip Video, It’s Not What you Save But What You Spend

Saving Money is great but if you go over budget to get the deals that won't help your family at all. Two tips to help you stay focused | Frugal Family Home

When you shop, is it more important to you what you save or what you spend? I know I always love to see  at the end of my receipt how much I saved but the most important number is how much you spend. Saving a bunch is great but it can the excitement can be dampened if you spend too much.

Quick Frugal Tip Video

I taped a quick little video, less than 2 minutes of two tips for when you are deal shopping. Things to think and do before you plan your next coupon shopping trip. If you don’t like watching videos, I’ve included the tips below too.

Tip #1 Stay within Your Budget Even When Deal Shopping

It’s so fun to go and get all the deals for each week and save all that money. But if you don’t have that much wiggle room in your budget, those deals could be contributing to your debt load. Be sure to stay within budget, when you shop. If you have to let a deal go by, don’t worry it will come back around again. They always do.


Tip #2 Buy What You Will Use

When I first started coupon shopping, I would get things just because they were free or really, really cheap. But it just contributed to the clutter in my home. I would end up giving so much away, because I hadn’t planned ahead. Be sure before you do your next deal shopping trip, to have a plan for the things you are buying. Be sure it’s something your family can use, you know someone to give it to or you know where you can donate it. Keep your valuable storage space for the items you know you will use.


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