Ways to Save Money, U-Pick Produce

Ways to Save Money, U-Pick Produce

I haven’t added any new ideas to the Ways to Save Money series recently. But as I was out with my friend u-picking raspberries, I realized this is such a good way to save money that I had to share.

Delicious and huge u-pick raspberries, Frugal Family Home

Each year my friend and myself make an outing to u-pick raspberries. We both grow raspberries at our homes but can always use a few more to make extra jam or add to the freezer stash. Recently, I made a batch of raspberry freezer jam (recipe coming next week) and a batch of raspberry hand pies. But I hadn’t put many raspberries into the freezer this year since we were eating most of them fresh.

Why I Love to U-Pick

If we wanted to purchase the berries already picked the cost in our area is $30.00-$39.99 a flat. My family loves raspberries but that would bust our budget. If I go out to the farm and u-pick my own raspberries, they are a little over a dollar a pound. So it’s a really good savings. And look at the size of these berries!

U-Pick your own produce to save money, Frugal Family Home

The day was a really nice day and the berries were huge and easy to pick. We decided to head out early to beat the heat that was coming later, in the day. It was sunny, but since there was a nice breeze that was blowing, it was comfortable. When we arrived we checked in to see where we would be picking.

U-Pick Raspberries a good way to save money, Frugal Family Home

This farm is about 100 acres and the view is just beautiful. This year we ended up picking in the lower field near where we parked. In years past we have driven back into the farm a little ways to get to another field. Both of the fields are really well-kept, so it’s always easy walking in the fields.

 How Much We Saved

On this trip it took us about an hour, to pick about two flats of berries. For this hour of labor which was really fun, since we get to visit. We saved $62. So by picking our own berries we actually saved about $31 each for that hour of work. Not bad at all.

Delicious produce straight from the farm to save you money, Frugal Family Home

Inside the farm stand they had some other berries, ready picked for sale. We also saw cherries, rhubarb and asparagus for sale too. So if you don’t feel like venturing out to pick your own, they do have fresh picked produce ready to purchase.

I’m always impressed by their huge hanging flower baskets that decorate the front overhang of their building. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

Hanging baskets at the U-pick Farm, Frugal Family Home

I wish we had more u-pick farms near by, but I’m so thankful for the ones we do have. They really are a great way to save money.

Does your family go u-picking?




6 thoughts on “Ways to Save Money, U-Pick Produce”

  1. I love picking berries! Well, not 40 hours a week … : ) Some of my favorite summer memories with the kids are from U pick. Immediately prior to checking your blog, I was using map west to find a U pick farm for peaches … maybe next week ? yumm

    When I took little kids with me it was a fun outing. I got very frustrated several times for how little berries I got. I learned to reserve a pre picked flat on the way in so that I knew I would actually go home with berries!

    1. I remember going with my mom to pick strawberries, peaches and cucumbers at the U pick fields when I was a kid. My daughter used to go with me each year to pick raspberries and marionberries. Now I usually end up going on my own or with a friend but it’s still nice.

      I hope you get some great peaches, Christie!

  2. Those raspberries look delicious, Shelly. 🙂 The only thing we pick is apples. We don’t have many U-pick farms in our area, but I think after reading your post, I may have to do another internet search and see if anything has changed.

    1. I hope you can find some Upick farms in your area. I’m sure your kids would have a great time picking berries and other produce.

      I need to find a new farm to Upick peaches at. The ones I used to go to are all closed now. 🙁

  3. I’d have to say picking berries is my favorite past time. I enjoy going with friends and family, young and old! I also enjoy going by myself! It’s like therapy for me. So far this season, I’ve picked 10 lbs strawberries, 12 lbs of raspberries and 2 lbs of blueberries. Marionberries, Peaches, and more raspberries and blueberries will be forthcoming! I love canning, freezing, baking! Anything Berry!!!! Berry Jam make wonderful gifts for giving anytime!

    1. Sounds like you’ve been busy Carol. I’ve made a couple batches of strawberry jam and one batch of raspberry jam. Can’t wait for marionberries and peaches too.

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