What to Stock Up on in November

A quick list of the items for what to stock up on in November. When you stock up on sale you can really save all year long.

November is already here and that means the holidays are approaching fast. But that also means some great sales to be had this month.

Below you’ll find a list of items that should be on sale this month. Why is that important?

What to buy in November- a quick list of items that are on sale marked down, or on clearance in November. Save money by stocking up on items while they are on sale that you need.

It’s important because when you stock up on items when they are at their rock bottom prices, you save money.

When you consistently purchase items that are at their rock bottom prices, you can avoid paying full price and really keep your spending down.

The list below can get you prepare to be on the lookout for good deals this whole month and help you plan what you want to buy so you don’t have to pay full price.

What to Stock Up on in November

With after Halloween sales and Black Friday, there are sure to be good deals to grab but also don’t forget about the holiday supplies sales and baking goods too.

Halloween candy

November is a great time to stock up on that leftover Halloween candy. If you’ll be using chocolate in recipes or in Christmas recipes, the after Halloween sales would be a good time to stock up. Try this yummy brownie bite recipes with leftover butterfingers.

Home Appliances

Be on the lookout for good deals on home appliances. The sales should continue to be good this month too.

Be sure to check for an extra discount with online coupons. I’m hoping to find a good deal on an Instant Pot this month.

Electronics Deals

With Black Friday being this month there is sure to be good electronics deals. But don’t wait until Black Friday to shop around. You might find a good deal before Black Friday. But do your research before you buy.

One year we found a great deal on a new computer for our daughter before Black Friday. It was a low-end model but had everything she needed. It ended up being a better buy than most of the Black Friday deals.

And we didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and wait in line.


With the start of Christmas shopping clothing is sure to be on sale. Don’t forget to look for coupons too.

With sales and coupons, you can really save on winter clothing not only for gifts but items you can wear now and through winter. Also look for great deals on outerwear, scarves, and gloves at great prices.

Holiday Staples

November begins the start of the eating season when we all get to enjoy lots of yummy dishes we might only make once a year. But it’s also a good time to stock up on those staples that can be used well past the holidays.

Things like canned cranberry sauce, gravy, sweet potatoes, and holiday meat are sure to be on sale. When you find a good deal purchase extra of the items that will keep. It will help you save well past the holiday season.

When you find a great deal on a turkey, turkey breast or ham, pick up an extra one to stock the freezer if you have room.

I try to purchase an extra turkey breast at Thanksgiving when they are on sale so we can enjoy an inexpensive turkey dinner later.

Baking Supplies

Baking supplies will be on sale this month. Many people make goodies and candy this time of year and the stores put those items on sale.

Look for flour, sugar, baking powder, candy making supplies, chocolate chips and other flavored chips, and canned milk to be at their best prices. Stock up on the items that you will use past the holiday season.

I try to stock up on powder sugar, brown sugar, flour, and baking chips. They keep for a while and they are always sure to be a good buy this time of year.

In Season Produce

When you purchase fruit and vegetables in-season you can save. Watch for good prices on these in-season fruits and vegetables.

This month’s in season produce…

apples, beets broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale, parsnips, pears, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, and winter squash.

What to buy in November- a quick list of items that are on sale marked down, or on clearance in November. Save money by stocking up on items while they are on sale that you need.

I’m looking forward to finding good deals on holiday staples this month and baking supplies. I’m itching to start my holiday baking and cooking.

What are you looking forward to finding on sale this month?

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3 thoughts on “What to Stock Up on in November”

    1. Sandra Washington

      Yes, Halloween candy is a good idea. I like to buy the smartie packs, and put them in a zip loc bag, freeze them until I need them at Christmas time. They come in handy for gingerbread men and houses and holiday cookies! I’m frugal at Christmas time!

  1. I love doing some baking during the holidays too! I try to stock up on extra cans of pumpkin and chocolate chips while they are at such a good price to use later in the year.

    I’m going to need to find some warm winter clothes for my kids too…they didn’t have much in the stores during the back to school sales, other than a sweatshirt or two, which isn’t warm enough for our cold weather. Thanks for the tip!

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