Kids Craft: Salt Painting

My kids had been looking around for some craft projects for us to try, but this is one I saw on Pinterest. If you need something to occupy your kids this activity is great. My seven year old was so intently working that he was quite for over an hour with this project. So set them up with the salt painting and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Salt Painting Craft

We used some card stock paper and construction paper. The card stock paper held up a little better but if all you have is construction paper it will work well too. The kids decided on their designs and then drew them out in glue on their sheets of paper. My son wanted a house on his and my daughter loves animals so she chose to make a dog with a heart.

Kids applying the glue for Salt Painting

Son working hard on glue

After the drawing was done we sprinkled the glue with salt. Then we let them sit for about 25 minutes. I don’t know if it’s necessary to let the pictures sit for a while before painting but I thought they might turn out better if we let the designs dry a bit.

Salting the Glue Son admiring his salt painting

Daughters drawing in glue

We discovered with my daughter’s second drawing that less glue is better than more. So be sure to use enough glue to make the drawing but try not to get too much glue.

While the salted glue paintings were drying a bit. We mixed up the paints. We used one tablespoon of water with 5-6 drops of food coloring to each small cup. This is a great time to talk about primary colors and mixing of colors to make different colors. My son was surprised that we could make more colors with mixing a few different ones.

Salt Painting picture

To paint the salted glue dip a paintbrush into the paint. You don’t need much just a drop or two. Touch the end of the brush to the salted glue and it quickly absorbs it like magic. My son was impressed by the wicking action. He had a great time really concentrating on how much to put on and watching it flow.

Daughter working on her painting

Son working on Salt Painting

Salt painting concentration

After about an hour the painting was done and we laid the salt drawings out in the sun to dry. When we picked them up to bring them into the house some of the salt crystals fell off so be sure to give them a little shake before bringing them in if you have them drying outside. If you dry them inside you might want to shake them over the sink just so you don’t end up with salt all over the floor.

The picture drying


This craft is a fun and  frugal one too. You probably already have everything on hand a home.

Do you think this is a craft you will give a try?


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