Kid’s Craft, Water Balloon Yo-Yo

Since school is starting for us next week, this will be the last in our summer kid’s craft series. I hope you and your kids have had fun trying a few of these crafts. I know my kids enjoyed them.

Kid's Craft, Water Balloon Yo-Yo | Frugal Family Home

This last craft is really an outdoor fun one. Water Balloon Yo-Yo’s can be fun on a hot summer day, perfect for the last few days of August. Not only are these fun but also really easy to make.

 Water Balloon Yo Yo Craft | Frugal Family Home

Like the other kid’s crafts we have made this one only takes a couple of items. You will need,

  • Water Balloons
  • Rubber Bands
  • Water

Really that is all that is needed to make this fun craft.

How to make the Water Balloon Yo-Yo

To start with you’ll want to fill the balloons with water. If you fill them full they may be more than likely break. If you leave them a little deflated, they will probably hold up to the yo-yo activity longer. Although you never know with a water balloon. We ended up with leakers in a full water balloon and a less than full one. 🙂

Water Balloon Yo Yo fun | Frugal Family Home

To make the “string” you will want to cut a rubber band in half and tie one end to the water balloon. If you think ahead you could add the rubber band in while tying the balloon shut. Then just knot it to make sure it’s secure.

I added a loop to the other end for the kids to put their finger/fingers through, making it easier to hold the water balloon.

Having a blast with our water balloon yo yo's | Frugal Family Home

That’s it then let the fun begin. Use these water balloon yo-yo’s like any other yo yo.

The kids had a great time using their yo yo’s. We tried to count to see how long the water balloon would last, but we had some defective rubber bands. The rubber bands kept breaking before the water balloons did. Maybe that is because these said rubber band were almost 10 years old.

Kid's Craft Water Balloon Yo Yo, we had a leaker | Frugal Family Home

We also ended up with a couple of water balloons that sprung leaks. But that just added to the fun. It was like a water balloon squirt gun. 🙂

What fun plans do you and the kids have for this last week of August?


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