Kid’s Crafts: Sponge Balls

The summer is almost over and you are probably getting the “I’m bored” from your kids. If you are, you are going to enjoy the next few weeks of Wednesday posts. Each week I am going to be sharing a kids craft project that can help to keep your kids busy and not bored. Best of all these craft projects use items you probably already have on hand. So let’s get started with the first one, Sponge Balls.

Sponge Ball Craft for Kids

We made these sponge balls for just two bucks. Not bad, huh? I picked up everything we needed at the dollar store. Be sure to plan a trip to the dollar store with the kids (if you don’t have the items on hand at home). Not only is it air-conditioned but you can wander around for a while with the kids and not spend too much either.

We picked up a package of sponges and a package of zip ties. Just a dollar each.

Supplies for Sponge Balls

Cutting the Sponges, (adult help needed)

Once home we set out to make our sponge balls. I found that the sponges were a little thick so we cut them in width-wise and then cut them into strips.

Sponges cut widthwise


Sponges cut into strips


Alternating Colors to make a nice pattern

Since we were using a few different colors of sponges, the kid arranged them into a nice pattern. Once the kids got their pattern the way they liked them we used the zip tie to hold it all together.

Sponges in zip tie

I clipped the zip tie end off as close as I could to the end so we wouldn’t have a stray sharp piece sticking out.

Cutting close to the lock end of zip tie.

And that’s it. These balls are great to throw around in the house on a hot day as they are lightweight and not likely to break anything. But the kids enjoy them the most when we take them outside. I fill a bucket with water and then they can dunk the balls in the water and throw them at each other. It’s kinda like water balloons but without all the balloon pieces mess at the end.

So if your kids are complaining they are bored, take a trip to the dollar store and grab what you need to make this craft that will turn into hours of outside water play.


Kids love their Sponge Balls


Is this a craft your kids would like to do? Or would they have more fun playing with them? Or Both?


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