Budget Grocery Haul and My Video Mistake

This week’s budget haul is a little different. I stopped by two stores, my favorite discount grocery store and Winco Foods for a few items we needed. I did my shopping, shot the video and then realized a few days later, I didn’t get all the video.

This week's budget grocery haul for our family of 4.

I actually was taping when I thought it was shut off and not taping when I thought I was. It was a little busy at our house that day and I was trying to hurry. That’s what I get for not taking my time.

This week there isn’t going to be a video but I’ll share the deals I found this week in written form. Next time I’ll pay a little more attention to that red blinking light to make sure my camera is recording.

Instead of a video this week I listed what I purchase. I also highlighted the best deals in bold.

Winco Foods

Corn Flakes $1.71
Marshmallow Treasures $1.48
Vegetable Spray $1.99
Coconut Oil $4.90
Ritz Type Crackers $1.48
Hawaiian Ham $3.48/lb
Turkey Lunchmeat package $1.88
2 pkg’s English Muffins $.88 each
Hot Dog Buns $.99
2 pkg’s Bagels $1.67 each
3 Loaves Bread $.99 each
Hamburger Buns $.99
Bananas $.58/lb
Nectarines $.98/lb
Tomatoes $.88/lb
Cream Cheese $1.48 (this has really went up, it used to be just $.99)
Tortilla Chips $.148
Potato Chips $1.59
Onion Powder (I can’t remember what I paid for this but it was in the bulk foods)
2 Ketchup $.78 each
Hot Dogs $2.98

Total Spent $44.85

Everyday Deals Extreme Discount

4 Mangos $.25 each
3 Annie’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies $1 each
2 Oreo type Cookies $.50 each
Nancy’s Soy Yogurt $.79
Brown Cow Maple Yogurt $.79
Watermelon $2

Total Spent $8.58

That brings my total spending for this week to $53.43. Not too bad for this week’s groceries.

That’s it for this grocery haul. Next time I’ll be sure to check for my little blinking red light on the camera before I film. I still can’t believe I didn’t get the whole grocery haul taped. That’s just how it goes some days.

What was your best buy this week?


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1 thought on “Budget Grocery Haul and My Video Mistake”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your video didn’t turn out! I know how frustrating it is to spend time on something that isn’t usable!

    Looks like you got some great deals this week though, so that should make up for the video 🙂

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