Everyday Deals Shopping Trip

I went to Everyday deals in hopes of finding a few things we needed. Last week was not a good week for us at Everyday deals but this can happen when you shop closeout stores. This week I was able to find more items we could use. As this is a closeout store the inventory can turn over quickly so you never know what you might find. But it is always a good deal.

Here is what I was able to find

Asparagus $.49/lb or $5.49 a case I just bought .94lbs for $.46
Tomatoes $.49/lb $.22
Apples $.39/lb $.41
Strawberries 1Lb package $1
2 Celery $.50 each
Reser Beef and Bean Burritos $2.59/8
10 Lucy’s gluten free cookies $.50 each
2 Peanuts Fruit Snacks $.50 each
4 Tortillas $.50 each

For a total spent of $13.68

They also had these items:

Diet Green Tea $1/2
Chili Beans $1/2
Hunts Tomatoes $.79 each
Brussel Sprouts $.33/lb
Green Peppers $1/3
Grape Tomatoes $.29/lb
Back to Nature Crackers $1 each

So that is it for this week. Did you find any good deals on your shopping trips?

2 thoughts on “Everyday Deals Shopping Trip”

    1. I have actually bought asparagus for $.39/lb at Everyday deals that is why I love the store so much. We don’t have an Aldi’s here so it is nice to find a store with good produce prices.

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