Everyday Deals Trip 2/18

I shop Everyday Deals about once a week, sometimes twice. This is going to be a week where I will go twice. I usually buy my fruits and veggies for the week at Everyday deals but today there was not much to pick from. I got a few packaged items and I will go back again on Monday to see what they get in. Everyday Deals is a closeout store so items change regularly. I am adding some items below what I bought to give you an idea of what is available at Everyday Deals.

Here is what I did purchase:







2 boxes of Breadsticks $.50 each
2 3Musketeers Bars (8/pkg) $.50 each
1 Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Bars $1
1 pkg Pepperidge Farm Cracker Crisp $1
3 Cans Newman’s Own Cat food $1/3
Total spent  $5 


Here is a list of items I did not need but the prices are good:

Stoney Field yogurt fruit on the bottom $2.79/12
Apples $.39/lb
Yellow Bell Peppers $1/2
Organic Romain Hearts (3 per pkg) $1/2
Organic Cheddar Cheese $2/8oz
Pepperidge farm cookies (ginger, sugar) $1 each
Organic Greek Feta dressing (exp 8/12) $1 each
Broccoli $.39/lb
Strawberries $1.59/1 lb package (sometimes they have these for $1/2 pkg)

That is all I can remember now. I will try to post again after my trip on Monday.


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