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Everyday Deals Trip and Fred Meyer 3/17

I made a trip over to Everyday Deals today. They had a good amount of veggies today.

This is what I purchased:

2 Celery $.50 each
3 Avocados $1/3
3 Green Peppers $1/3
4 bags Stacy’s Pita Chips $.50 each
2 Organic Romaine Hearts $.50 each
2 Boxes of Fruit Snacks $.50 each
2 Boxes Chex Bars $.50 each
2 Boxes Vegetable Thins $1 each
1 Fudge Thins Cookies $1
1 Package Chips Ahoy Cookies $1.59
1 bunch Asparagus $.39/lb Or you can get a case for $3
1 package of 8 Resers Bean and Beef Burritos $2.59
1 Back to Nature Chocolate and Oat cookies $1

For a Total Spent of $17.55 


I also made a stop at Fred Meyer to get

1 Silk soy milk $2.99
used $1/1 cat coupon
Paid $1.99

2 Cat’s Pride Kitty litter $5.99 on sale until 3/27
Used $1/1 coupon here  (NLA?)
Paid $4.99 each

1 Kashi Frozen Steamer Meals $3.49
Used my Free Coupon from March to Saving game here

1 Degree Deodrant 2 pkg $4.99
Used my Degree Free coupon from March to Saving game here.

Sunday Paper $2

For a total spent of $13.97 

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