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Everyday Deals and Franz Bread Store Shopping Trip

I had not been to Everyday Deals in almost two weeks. So I went this morning but they did not have much produce. But I did find a few things that were good buys.

Here is what I purchased

4 boxes of Egg Matzos $.25 each
2 boxes of Everything Tam Tams $.50 each
30 count Corn Tortillas $1.59
2 pkg flour Tortillas $.50 each
1 bag of Peanuts $1
1 Watermelon $2
2 Mini Whoppers $.50 each
4 Mini Eggs $.25 each

For a total of $9.59


Franz Bread Store Shopping Trip

I also stopped at the Franz Bread Store since I hadn’t been there in two weeks also.

I got our usual bread this week.

4 Loaves of Whole Wheat Bread $.80 each
1 Loaf of Sourdough Bread $.80 each

Total Spent $4

Did you get any good deals on food this week?

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2 thoughts on “Everyday Deals and Franz Bread Store Shopping Trip”

  1. I managed 3 lbs of large slicing tomatoes for 99c lb, 3 bunches of green onions for 99c, head of leaf lettuce of 99c, and regular iceberg lettuce for 3 lbs for 99c, 3 cans of diced green chiles for 59c a can. Best I can do since there is no marked down bakery items where I live and virtually no marked down produce. Oh, 2 doz large eggs for 88c ea.

    1. You got such a good price on eggs. The best deal on eggs we can get here is $.99 a dozen. We really like our mark down bakery store it has really good bread and it cost less than it would to make it at home. Now I am hoping for a good sale on tuna we are out.

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