Everyday Deals Shopping Trip

I just went to Everyday Deals on Saturday but they did not have much produce. Since I needed some tortillas for the freezer cooking this week I stopped again.

I got 8 pounds of strawberries. They looked really good and smelled great. Since they were $.50 a pound I got a lot. I am going to make some freezer jam with them. We will also dry some and eat some too.

Here is what else I purchased

4 pkgs Flour Tortillas $.50 each
2 heads of Lettuce $.25 each
3 Green Peppers $1/3
8 pkgs of Strawberries $.50 each
Mushrooms $1/lb $.21
Tomatoes $.39/lb $.13

Total Spent $7.84 

2 thoughts on “Everyday Deals Shopping Trip”

    1. I was really happy to find the strawberries at such a good price. Lately they have been priced around $1 a pound so when they were half that price I picked up extra. To make the jam.

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