Everyday Deals Shopping Trip

Last week I got so many great produce deals at Everyday Deals I did not need too much. I did get some produce and some organic pumpkin along with some girl scout cookies. We were almost out of potatoes and they had some great baker potatoes so instead of going to another store I just picked up some. I also found some Maranatha tahini.

Here is the breakdown of my purchases

6 Lemons $1 for all 6
Girl Scout Cookies $1/3
1 Jelly Beans $.50
1 Candy Corn $.50
2 Fruit Snacks $.50 each
2 Iceberg Lettuce $.25 each
4 Green Peppers $.25 each
1 Maranatha Tahini $1.59
Vidalia Onions $.20/lb $.42
Bakers Potatoes $.25/lb $1.69
Organic Canned Pumpkin $.50 each
Cabbage $.29/lb $.60

 Total $11.80

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