Fred Meyer Shopping Trip

I needed a few items for Easter dinner so I figured it would be best to go by Fred Meyer while out doing other errands. Since some of  the items I needed a  were on sale at Fred Meyer, I decided to stop by there. Fred Meyer had their brand of Tortilla chips on sale for $1 for a 10oz bag. So I got 4 to stock up.

Here is the breakdown of what I purchased:

Milk 1/2 gallon $1.25 each
4 Tortilla Chips $1 each
Organic Soy Milk $2.59
Corn Flakes $1.59
Hash Browns $2.05
Tofutti Sour Cream $3.49 ( I usually buy this through the co-op but I didn’t place an order this month)
Sunflower Seed $1.49/lb $4.59

For a total of $19.66

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