Grocery Haul, Costco Coupon Stock Up Trip

Last week I did a shopping haul video for my trip to Everyday Deals and Winco Foods. I found some good deals on that shopping trip. I found a few good deals on canned good at Winco foods and a few discounted items at Everyday Deals.

Come and see what great deals I found this week while shopping at Costco. I'm sharing my Costco grocery haul and what deals I found using the coupon book.

This week I went out to Costco. Sometimes I can find some great buys in the Costco coupon book and other times it’s full of things we just don’t buy. This trip they had some great buys in the coupon book on things we were getting low on so it was a good time to buy.

I also picked up a box of corndogs a favorite of my son for quick and easy lunches, for when we don’t have leftovers. I also picked up a bag of Tyson breaded chicken tenders. I saw they were dairy free and thought they would make for an easy dinner or quick lunches on the weekends when we don’t usually have leftovers. I’ve found if I purchase a few convenience items to have tucked away in the freezer it helps to keep us from eating out and in turn, save us money. Because the convenience foods are less expensive than eating out. Just so you know the Tyson chicken tenders were really yummy!

The Best Deals from this Costco Shopping Trip

Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat 3-11oz $6.59 (after $3 coupon)
Jif Peanut Butter 2-48oz jars $7.99 (after $2 coupon)
Kids Vitamins $7.49 (after $2 coupon)
Kids Calcium $7.49 (after $2 coupon)
Dawn Dishwashing Soap 90 oz $7.69 (after $2 coupon)

Come and see what great deals I found this week while shopping at Costco. I'm sharing my Costco grocery haul and what deals I found using the coupon book.

Other Items I regularly Purchase at Costco

Baking Powder 3.65 pounds $5.39
Honey 5 pounds $13.99
Soft Soap Refill 2-80oz $8.99
5 dozen Eggs $8.89

My total for this shopping trip was $114.17

I was happy to find the peanut butter on sale. We really weren’t that low on peanut butter but because it was a good buy I purchased the limit of 2 two jar packs of peanut butter. The Hillshire Farm Ham was another good buy working out to be just $3.19 per pound, which is a better buy than the lunchmeat I purchased last week at Winco Foods for $3.95/lb.

I have items I regularly purchase at Costco because they work out to be less than the regular grocery store. The coupons that were available this trip made it even less expensive to stock up. It’s easy to go overboard at Costco but I find if I go in and just purchase the items I need and avoid looking around, I can get out with what I need and stay on budget too.

What items do you like to purchase at Costco or another membership wholesaler?


2 thoughts on “Grocery Haul, Costco Coupon Stock Up Trip”

  1. Sam’s (where we shop on occasion) has instant deals that I like, too. The other thing I buy there regular is Nestle’s chocolate chips where I can get a big bag for $10 (equals 6 little bags or $1.50 a bag). It’s a great price for chocolate chips, especially when you bake with them as much as I do. I’m going to have to check the price of eggs at Sam’s again, too.

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