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Grocery Outlet Shopping Trip

Since I was close to Grocery Outlet when I went out to Walgreens I stopped in to get a few items. I was so happy to see they had some soy yogurt because this is a great treat for my kids.

Here is what I purchased

2 Silk Vanilla Soy Yogurt $1.99 each
2 Oscar Mayer Turkey Lunchmeat $1.49 each
1 Oscar Mayer Salami $1.49
3 lbs Onions $1.50
1 Soy Dream Soy Milk $2.79

Total Spent $12.74

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2 thoughts on “Grocery Outlet Shopping Trip”

    1. It is definitely more tangy than the regular yogurt but since my husband and kids can’t have milk it is a good substitute. We tried the goat milk yogurt way to tangy for us. I usually make it but since I found it at a good price I just bought it this time.

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