My Deals: Everyday Deals 2/20

Since my last trip to Everyday Deals was a bust for fruits and veggies I went back tonight. They had a lot more to choose from. 🙂

Here is what I got:


2 Artichokes $1/2
3 Cans Dog Food $1/3
2 Kale Bunches $.25 each
2 Apples at $.39/lb
3 Avacodos $1/3
Cabbage at $.39/lb
4 Packages of Organics Raspberries $1/2
1 Package of Broccoli Slaw $1/3
2 Packages of Broccoli, Carrot and Cauliflower Mix $1/3

For a Total Spent of $7.29 

Here are the price on a few other things I saw but didn’t get:

Fruits and Veggies:

Broccoli $.33/lb
Oranges $.33/lb
Organic Salad mixes $1/2
Packaged Head of Lettuce 2 per pkg $1/2
Coleslaw Mix $1/2
Strawberries $.79/lb container
Grapes $.49/lb
Packaged Foods:

Little Debbie Swiss Rolls $.79
Chocolate Captain Crunch Cereal $1.59 box
Pringles Chips $1/2
Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $1 each
Canned Bamboo Shoots $1/2
Low Carb Tortillas $1/2

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