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My Deals: Everyday Deals Trip 3/10

I went to my favorite store again today. I went earlier in the week but they did not have any salad or lettuce at that trip. I went back today and got some more produce and a few other things. The Pepperidge Farm Cookies had a coupon on two of them for $1/1 they don’t take coupons at Everyday deals but since the peelie coupon is still good until the end of March I may be able to use them at Safeway with a doubler or at Albertsons with their Twice Value coupons coming out tomorrow.

Here is what I got:

2 packages of Tortillas $.50 each
1 case Soba Ramon Noodles $1.59/12
3 Green Peppers $1/3
1 lb package of Strawberries $1.59
4 packages of Fruit Snacks $.50 each
2 Bags Salad Mix $.50 each
3 Organic Tomatoes $.59/lb
2 packages Cherry Tomatoes $.50 each
1 package Beef and Bean Burrtios $2.59 each
1 Cauliflower $.79 each
4 package of Pepperidge Farm Cookies $1 each
3 Plums $.59/lb

For a total spent of $17.69 

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