My Deals: Fred Meyers 2/11

My final stop today for shopping was Fred Meyers. They had a few coupon items and a Catalina deal I wanted to get.

Here what I got:

1/2 gallon of Fred Meyers Milk $1.25 each with coupon limit 4
5 Brown and Serve Sausage $1 each  (I got a $1.25 cat when I purchased 5)
Broccoli $.88/lb $.94
Bananas $.64/lb $1.04
Foster Farms Corn Dogs $5.75 (my son really wanted these for lunch so I got them)

For a total of $15.23 

The corn dogs were not on sale. I would normally get them at Winco for about $4-$5. But sometimes you just end up paying more for an item and it is ok. Don’t get caught up so much in saving money that you don’t just splurge a little once in a while even if it is just corn dogs. Money Saving Mom has a good post on guilt when buying an item here.


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