Super Saving Saturday

This post is going up so late because we had a busy morning. I went by the Franz Bread Store and Fred Meyer this morning. Then we went and purchased some strawberries at a local farm here. Then it was off to the home school books store. By the way if you need home school books our local Exodus Books is a great family ran store and they ship all over the place so you might want to give them a try. Then we came home and I made two batches of strawberry jam. Yum!

After last week’s shopping I did not have much to pick up this week. Just a few sale items that looked good and my usual trips to the bread store and Everyday Deals.

Here is the summary of my shopping this week.

Fred Meyer


First Trip

Cherries $2.99/lb $6.56

Second Trip (pictured above)

2 Sure Jell $2.99 each (ouch! I needed it to make strawberry jam and I didn’t want to shop around)
4 lbs Sugar $2.29
Applesauce $1.87
3 Pineapples $1 each
Bananas $.64/lb $.47

Total Spent both trips $20.17


Franz Bread Store 

4 loaves Organic Whole Wheat Bread $.80 each
1 package Pita Bread $.80

Total Spent $4.00


Everyday Deals Shopping trip this week $7.00 (sorry no picture)

Total Spent this week grocery shopping was $31.17. I was over budget last week and now this week I am well under budget.

How did you do shopping this week? Any good deals?


The Exodus Books link is my affiliate link. But I would recommend them even if I was not an affiliate. You can read my disclosure policy here.

2 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday”

  1. My local store is doubling coupons up to $2 this week, so I’ve gotten some great deals. My favorite item this week was the free Smart Balance milk that I got after a doubled coupon. I have more coupons for that milk, but they are sold out of it now. Hopefully they will restock tonight or tomorrow and I can go back for some more 🙂

    I’m so jealous of your bread deals!!

    1. I am so happy to find a bread we can eat at the bread store at a good price.

      It sounds like you will have some great deals at your store this week with double coupons. I went to Albertsons today and did a double coupon shopping trip. There wasn’t too many good coupon match ups but I did get some cereal and Tillamook cheese.

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