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Super Saving Saturday

I didn’t have to do much shopping this week. I did pick up some strawberries, a few items at Fred Meyer and a few items at Everyday Deals. I was able to go and pick raspberries at a neighbor’s house this week and made some raspberry jam.

My Purchases

Olson Farm Strawberries $23.00 Flat

The Barn Strawberries $5 half flat (day old sale price)

Fred Meyers

2 Silk Soy Milk $2.49 Used $2/2 coupon Paid $1.49 each
1/2 Gallon Milk $1 each with ad coupon
Bananas $.64/lb $1.10

Paid $5.08

Everyday Deals Trip $9.64

Total Spent this week was $42.72. So I came in under budget again this week. I have made my strawberry jam and some raspberry jam already. I also dehydrated some strawberries for use later. So I think we are stocked up on  our berries at least until the marionberries are ready.

How did you do on your grocery budget this week?


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2 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday”

  1. Actually you did great. I already have plenty of food but managed to buy 1lb strawberries for 89c. I have already made my freezer jam so this was strawberry shortcake strawberries. 6 ears of corn for 96c, Dole 1lb bag of assorted salad mix for $1.50, red potatoes for 77c lb, 4 cucumbers for 99c and a lb of sour cream for 99c.

    1. Looks like you got some really good buys this week. I am glad to have my strawberry jam and raspberry jam made and done. Now if I can find some inexpensive apricots I would like to make some apricot jam. I would also like to dry some apricots too. Usually the apricots are ready this time of year but this year they seem to be late.

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