Super Saving Saturday

This morning I went raspberry picking. I picked a half flat of raspberries. The price per pound was $1.50/lb. So my half flat of raspberries ended up costing $4.50. We had some with lunch and I sent a quart home with my husband’s dad and we have the raspberries pictured below to eat over the next few days.

The rest of my grocery shopping for this week was

Everyday Deals 7/3

My purchases

3 Girl Scout Cookies $1.00 for all 3
Granny Goose Potato Chips $1
2 Fiber One Granola Bars $1.59 each
5 Lemons $.50
3 Green Peppers $1 for all 3
Tomatoes $.69/lb $.55
Onions $.25/lb $.41

Total Spent $7.64 

Winco Foods 7/1

My Purchases

2 Flour Tortillas $.88 each
3 4lb packages of Sugar $2.27 each
5 Dozen eggs $6.12
Sunday Paper $2
Raw Sunflower Seeds $1.38/lb $5.53
2 Potato Chips $1.66 each
4 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat 9oz $1.98 each
Bananas $.58/lb $.63

Total Spent $26.17


My total spending for this week came to $38.31. Which puts me under budget again this week. I need to get my menu plan ready for the next 5 weeks done soon. So I am sure to have a big shopping trip to Winco Foods. I have found that if I stockpile any good deals as I find them along with shopping at Winco Foods for the staple items I need or items I need but have not found on sale recently that I can keep my grocery cost down.

What is you best strategy for keep you grocery cost down?


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