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Super Saving Saturday

I have not been shopping for almost two weeks. After being in the hospital with my son. We had a friend bring us some groceries and so today I went to shop for just what we needed and found a few good deals to stock up on.

Here is what I purchased

Everyday Deals

2 boxes Back to Nature Crackers $1 each
2 pounds grapes $1
1 personal watermelon $.79
3 boxes granola bars $1 each
3 Green peppers $1 for all three
2 heads of lettuce $.25 each
2 packages of blueberries $.50 each
Brandon Cheese $1
Brown Cow Yogurt $.79
Broccoli .39/lb $.49
Asparagus $.25/lb $.25
Peaches $.69/lb $.79
Cucumbers 6 for $1 $.50/3
Tortillas $1.59 each
Bananas $.25/lb $.23

Total Spent $13.93

Franz Bread Store

5 loaves of bread $.80 each

Total Spent $4.00


Fred Meyer
(sorry I forgot to take a picture) 

1 half-gallon milk $1 with in ad coupon
1 half-gallon Orange Juice $1 with in ad coupon
3 bags Tortilla Chips $1 each
1 bag Potato Chips $1.67
3 Oscar Mayer lunchmeat $2.49 each
1 Oscar Mayer Selects hot dogs $2.79 Used $1/2 coupon
10 pound potatoes $2.38
1 Silk Soy Milk $2.79
3 Cans Tuna $.68 each
1 Fred Meyer Canola Oil $2.49
1 Fred Meyer Refried Beans $.79
1 package Fred Meyer Rice $1.29
1 package Egg Noodles $1.49
18 count Eggs $1.50 with in ad coupon

Total Spent $30.43


So my total amount spent for this weeks groceries was $48.36. That is under budget for me and I was also able to get quite a bit of good produce for that price.

How did you do on your grocery shopping this week?

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