Super Saving Saturday,

This week I stopped at two stores. We didn’t need too much and I went after just what we needed to have for the week. I found a few good deals at the two discount grocery stores I like to shop at.

I was happy to see my favorite yogurt at Grocery Outlet for 3 for $1. I also found coconut yogurt for my hubby at 2 for $1. But after getting home we realized one was opened. I’m not quite sure how it made it all the way home in the bag without spilling out, but I was thankful it didn’t make a huge mess. But the deal ended up being, not such a good deal. Next time I’ll check more closely.

I also found sardines at a good prices for my hubby. He loves them. I just can’t even stand the smell to give them a try. Do any of you like sardines?

The deals I found while discount grocery store shopping this week.


My Grocery Outlet Purchases

2 Westsoy Soy Milk $.99 each
Wheat Crackers $1.49
Keebler Crackers $1.69
Bananas $1.99
2 Sardines $.89 each
Smart Balance $1.99
Coconut Yogurt $1 for 2
Liberte Yogurt $1 for 3
5 Deli Fresh Lunchmeat $1.99 each

Total Spent $22.87



At Everyday Deals Extreme Discount, I found a great deal on Zicam. It was just $.50 a box so I purchased 4. They also had corn on the cob for 6 for $1.

Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Purchases

2 Mini Oreo Cookies $1.59 each
Strawberries $1
4 Zicam $.50 each
2 Altoids $.50 each
2 Grape Tomatoes $.50 each
4 Leaf Lettuce $.25 each
Corn 6 for $1
Saltines $2
2 Caramel Apple Granola Bars $1 each

Total Spent $13.18

We still had bread in the freezer, so I didn’t stop at the bread store this week. My total grocery spending for this week was $36.05.

I’m hoping to get out to Safeway and pick up more ground beef while it’s on sale for $2.99/lb and pick up grapes at just $.99/lb. Albertsons also has cherries on sale this week for $1.99/lb. I’m hoping to get to each store before the sales end on Tuesday.


What was the best deal you found this week while shopping?


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