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Super Saving Saturday, Broccoli, Hot Dogs and Watermelon Deals

Well nothing too exciting happened to me this week while grocery shopping. But I did find a few good deals. My best deal this week I would say is probably organic broccoli I found at Everyday Deals Extreme Discount for just $.25/lb. Or maybe it was the nitrate free hot dogs for $.99 a package or the watermelon for $1. What do you think was the best deal?

I did some coupon shopping at Winco Foods. I used a couple of the buy one get one free Tillamook yogurt coupons I had to score some half price yogurt. If you haven’t tried their greek yogurt it is really good.

Winco Foods Shopping Trip


Winco Food Purchases

Strawberries $1.98/lb
Bananas $.59/lb
Salad Dressing $1.48 each
DeliFresh Lunchmeat $2.48 each, Used $1/2 coupon, Paid $1.98 each
Romaine Hearts $2.28
Silk Soy Milk $2.58, Used $.55/1 coupon, Paid $2.03
Animal Cookies $1.37 each
Canned Peaches $.78 each
Canned Fruit Cocktail $.98 each
Tortilla Chips $2.50 each
Potato Chips $1.78 each

Total Spent $34.78

Grocery Outlet Shopping Trip
Later in the week I made a trip to Grocery Outlet and found a few good deals. We were running low on crackers and I can always count on Grocery Outlet having good prices on those. I also found a great deal on hot dogs too. I think I went a little overboard by purchasing 8 packages, but at least the freezer is stocked up now.

Grocery Outlet Purchases

8 Park’s Finest Hot Dogs $.99 each
Club Crackers $1.69
20 pack Fruit Snacks $2.99 {I promised my son fruit snacks and then Everyday Deals Extreme Discount was out of them. 🙁  }
Wheat Crackers $1.99
Smart Balance Buttery Spread $1.99
DeliFresh Lunchmeat $1.99
Strawberries 2 pounds $1.99
Pineapple $1.99

Total Spent $22.05



Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Purchases

Organic Broccoli $.25/lb
Bananas $.25/lb
4 Small Packages of Cookies $.25
Watermelon $1
Nature’s Path Organic Pop Tarts $.79
Large Package of Cookies $1
2 Packages of Salad $.50 each
Cheese Puffs $1
4 Nut Goodies Candies $.25 each

Total Spent $8.15


Franz bread store, great deals on organic bread.

I didn’t feel like baking bread this week. So I stopped at the bread store to pick up a few loaves of organic bread and some hamburger buns.

Franz Bread Store

4 loaves Organic Bread $1 each
12 pack Hamburger Buns $1

Total Spent $5

That brings my grocery shopping total for this week to $69.98. Which brings me in under budget this week. I try to keep my spending at $75 a week for our family of four.

How did you do on your grocery shopping this week? Were you under or over budget? 

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