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Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Graham Crackers

This week I made two stops for my grocery shopping. I went to find the good deals at Everyday Deals Extreme Discount and then went on to Winco Foods to get what I couldn’t find at Everyday Deals Extreme Discount. I just didn’t feel like doing a lot of shopping this week. Do you have weeks like that too?

I found a few really good deals this week. Just take a look.

Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Purchases

4 boxes of Honey Grahams $.25 a box
Organic Bananas $.29/lb
4 heads Romaine Lettuce $.25 each
2 boxes Mini Oreos $1.59 each
3 Ice Oatmeal Cookies $1 for all 3
4 boxes Granola Bars $1 each
2 bags Pretzel Rods $.50 each
Chocolate Sprinkles, huge container $2 (great for my homemade donuts)

Total Spent $14.08

The good deals from Winco Foods.


Winco Food Purchases

Carrots $.98
Tomatoes $.99/lb
Peppers $.78 each
Celery $1.28
Broccoli $1.28/lb
Lemons $.98 each
Tortillas $2.98
Bulk Chocolate Chips $3.06/lb
Bulk Mini Chocolate Chips $3.06/lb
Bulk Cocoa Powder $2.43/lb
Bulk Salad Macaroni $.91/lb
Sunflower Seeds $1.39/lb
Sure-Jell $2.78
4 lb Sugar $1.99
10 lb Flour $3.48
Potato Chips $1.58
3 Tortilla Chips $.98 each

Total Spent $44.34

I also stopped by the bread store and picked up the usual 5 loaves of organic whole wheat bread for $5

That brings my total spending for this week to $63.42. I try to keep our grocery spending to around $70-75 a week. Which works out to between $17 and $18 per person for the week.

How much do you spend each week for groceries for your family?


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1 thought on “Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Graham Crackers”

  1. Our weekly grocery spending fluctuates, but I can tell you that it’s a lot. LOL We go through food so quickly in our house. It wasn’t always this way, but with five growing kids…things have changed.

    I think when they’re all grown and out of the house, I’m going to super simplify my meals and eat mostly vegan. 😉

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