Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Lettuce

I’m really excited about the lettuce deal I found this week. I went to shop at Everyday Deals Extreme Discount not knowing how much produce would be available. Since it’s a discount grocery store it’s hit or miss whether or not they will have good produce in or not. As I was picking up 4 heads of Romaine lettuce to purchase I looked up and saw a 10 pound box of Romain lettuce for $1. I thought it was heads of lettuce so I scooped it up and into the cart it went. After all lettuce for $.1o a pound I was not going to pass it up.

When I got home I realized the lettuce was separated out into leaves and packed into this box. I’m sure I could have figured it out in the store too had I taken the time to really read the box. 🙂 It ended up being a lot of lettuce so I packed up what I thought we could eat over the next week into zipper bags and then gave the rest away to the neighbors. So all of our neighbors ended up with lettuce.

Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Shopping Trip

Organic Crackers $1
Pita Bread Crackers $1
4 packages Fruit Snacks $.50 each
Cupcakes $1
2 boxes Granola Bars $1 each
Stonyfield Organic Yogurt $.79
4 Barbara’s Cheese Puff $.50 each
Cutie Pies $1
Asparagus $.99/lb
Organic Bananas $.29/lb
Tomatoes $.49/lb
Green Peppers $.25 each
10 pound box Romaine Lettuce $1
Acorn Squash $.79
4 packages HoHo’s $.25 each
2 Chocolate Covered Matzah $1 each
4 small packages of Keebler Cookies $.25 each

Total Spent $21.32

The deals I found while shopping at Fred Meyer



Fred Meyer Shopping Trip

Lettuce $.99
Green Pepper $.79
Grapes $1.28/lb
2 Tortilla Chips $1.50 each
Potato Chips $1.88
Pretzels $1.59
Sunflower Seeds $1.49/lb
2 packages Buns $1.25 each
Foster Farms Chicken Thighs $.99/lb

Total Spent $20.18

That brings my total for this week’s grocery shopping to $41.50. I’m going to need to make my big trip to Winco Foods this upcoming week so I’m glad I’ve been under budget the last two weeks.

What was the best deal you found while grocery shopping this week?

4 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Lettuce”

  1. It was so nice of you to share lettuce with your neighbors. 🙂 Two of our good friends asked us if we’d like to take over picking up an assortment of vegetables for them for the next 19 weeks because my girlfriend found that she was allergic to some of them. We were incredibly thankful for their generosity and said, “Yes!” I can’t wait to see what types of veggies we get each week and how we can incorporate those into our every day meals and new recipes.

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