Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Potatoes and More

I didn’t need too much from the store this week. We needed some regular milk for the cat and myself. I had purchased some milk but I had to throw it away. It went bad three days before the expiration date. I’ve had that happen to me twice now. I hate throwing food away. I really should have taken it back, since it was before the expiration date. Has anyone else noticed milk isn’t keeping until the date on it?

I didn’t find any great deals this week. I just picked up what we really needed and left it at that. Although I did find a great deal on red potatoes. I purchased a 50 pound box for $6.79. That’s just $.14/lb. Not too bad at all. I’m going to be working them into our meals over the next few weeks. I have them stored in the garage where it’s dark and cool so they should keep well too.

If they sprout, I’ll have to plant some in the garden. I probably should share a few with the neighbors too. Our neighbor brought us a dozen eggs this week too. Which was so nice of them, it’s great to have such nice neighbors.



Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Purchases

Fuji Apples $.39/lb
50 pound box Red Potatoes $6.79
2 pkgs Cookies $.50 each
2 pkgs Cherry Tomatoes $.50 each
Oatmeal $1.59

Total Spent $10.87


Safeway Deals from this week.



Safeway Purchases

Carrots $1.29
Milk $1.85
Kraft Dressing $1.49 each
Bananas $.69/lb

Total Spent $8.18


I also stopped at the Franz bread store and picked up 5 loaves of organic bread for just $5.


That brings my total for this week to $24.05. I hoping this week will bring a few good deals on meat. I would love to find beef on sale in the form of a roast, since we are out. If we had more room in the freezer I would purchase a meat pack from the meat market, but right now we just don’t have the room.


What deals did you find this week while out shopping?


2 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Potatoes and More”

    1. Fun treats with birthday coupons sound like a great deal! My grocery budget has been low these last few weeks but I need to make a trip to stock up soon. I was just hoping for a few better buys before I resort to doing a big shopping trip at Winco Foods. 🙂

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