Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Strawberries

I was so excited to see such a good deal on strawberries this week. At Everyday Deals Extreme Discount last week I found 1 pound packages of strawberries for $.79 each. This week I found 2 pound packages for just $1, $.50 a pound. It was such a good deal, I went ahead and bought 8 pounds of strawberries. I dehydrated 6 pounds right away and then kept 2 pounds for us to eat. They weren’t super sweet but they were good.


Purchases from Everyday Deals Extreme Discount

4 packages Strawberries $1 each
2 packages Tortillas $1 each
2 heads of lettuce $.29 each
4 five pound packages of Organic Yellow Potatoes $.50 each
2 packages of Cookies $.50 each
Dog treats $2

Totals spent $11.58

I made a trip to Winco Foods to pick up a few items we were running low on. I usually only shop once a month at Winco Foods, but since the items I needed are usually priced good at Winco Food, I stopped there this week. My son had asked a few times last week if we could have hot dogs for lunch. We didn’t have any so I picked up a package for lunch this weekend.

The things I stocked up on at Winco Foods


Winco Food Purchases

Silk Soy Milk $2.99, used $1/1 printable, paid $1.99
Hamburger $3.38/lb (a little high but not too bad)
2 Ritz type Crackers $1.72
Wheat Thins type Crackers $1.58
Lays Chips $1.26
Popcorn $1.96
Banana $.58/lb
Hot Dogs $1.78
Pretzels $1.88
3 packages Lunchmeat $1.99 each
2 Tortilla Chips $3.08 each
3 Ramen Noodles $.18 each

Total Spent $35.70

I also picked up 4 loaves of organic bread and 1 package of whole wheat hot dog buns at the Franz Bread Store for $5.

That brings my total spent this week to 52.28. That’s a little higher than it’s been lately but we were running low on a few things that weren’t on sale.

How did you do on your grocery shopping this week. Did you find any really good deals?



7 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Strawberries”

    1. That is really nice to get the eggs at a good price before Easter. I’ve noticed at our discount grocery store they have Easter eggs and decorations out and at good prices too.

    1. Kristen, we use the dehydrated strawberries in muffins, homemade oatmeal packets and we eat them for a snack too. They will work in any baked goods you would normally add fresh strawberries to, like muffins, pancakes, quick breads. You don’t even have to rehydrate them, just add a little extra milk or water to the batter and they will rehydrate while baking.

  1. Great deal on the strawberries. My great deal was valentine m&m’s for .41 a bag & kisses for .37. I put them in the freezer and intend to use them in place of choc. chips in cookies. Have a good week.

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