Super Saving Saturday, Good Produce Prices

The deals I found this week while shopping.

I was able to find some great deals on produce this week at Everyday Deals Extreme Discount. I was so very happy to see some fruit other than bananas, apples and pears. I found strawberries at just $1 a pound. They were surprisingly sweet for this time of year. Or maybe it was just so nice to have something different, that made them taste so great.

I also found sweet cherries for just $1 a pound too. It was like hitting the jackpot this week with fruit. I picked up 4 heads of organic leaf lettuce for just $.25 a head too. It was just a good day for produce at Everyday Deals Extreme Discount.

My stop at Fred Meyers yielded me a few markdown items. I found ham lunchmeat, Silk dairy free egg nog, and bagels on markdown. I also saw some free range brown eggs for just $1.15 a dozen. But I skipped over them since their expiration date was just a day or two away. I know they would keep for about a week longer, but I opted to pay the $.10 more a dozen to get the eggs that were on sale instead. Maybe it wasn’t a good call, but I just didn’t have time to freeze the eggs for later this week.

I also made my huge shopping trip to Winco Foods last week. I was just too tired after pushing around that heavy cart to lay out the food and take a photo, let alone write up a post. So I’ll just add it to the end of this week.

The deals I found at Fred Meyer this week.


Fred Meyer Purchases

2 pkgs Ham Lunchmeat $2.09 each marked down from $3.49
Silk Holiday Nog $1.49 (a treat for my family who eats dairy free)
Oranges $.69/lb
Bananas $.69/lb
2 Organic Soy Milk $2.69 each
Onion Bagels $1.69 on markdown
4 dozen Eggs $1.25 each
Beef Hot Dogs $3.00 (this was a treat for the kids)

Total Spent $23.16

Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Purchases

Baby Bell Peppers $1 for a bag
4 heads Organic leaf lettuce $.25 each
2 pkg Strawberries $1 each
Cherries $.99/lb
2 pkgs Cookies $.50 each
4 pkg Windmill Cookies $.25 each (for my hubby)
2 pkg Granola Bars $1 each

Total Spent $9.49

I also stopped at the bread store this week and purchased 5 loaves of organic whole wheat bread for $5.

That brings my spending for this week to $37.65.

Last week I made my big shopping trip to Winco Foods to stock up on our pantry and bulk food items, along with all the items needed for the next 5 weeks of meals. On that trip I spent $149.88. For the next few weeks, I’ll only need to stock up on sale items and fresh produce each week.

Did you find any great deals this past week? I would love to have you share them in the comments below. 


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