Super Saving Saturday, Organic Produce and Bread on Sale

This past week I just did a little shopping. We needed a few things so I just stopped by Fred Meyer to pick up a few items and I went to Everyday Deals Extreme Discount too. I ended up paying full price for a few items. But I was happy to see such a good deal on lettuce and peppers at Everyday Deals Extreme Discount. Here’s what I purchased this week.

Fred Meyer Deals

Fred Meyer Purchases

2 packages Lunchmeat $2.99 each
half gallon Milk $1.85
2 bags Chips $1.78 each
Bananas $.69/lb
Cantaloupe $.39/lb

Total Spent $13.94

Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Purchases

4 heads Organic Lettuce $.25 each
4 packages Organic Peppers $.25 each
Granola Bars $1
2 packages Cookies $1.59

Totals Spent $6. 18

I also stopped by the bread store and picked up 5 loaves of organic whole wheat bread for just $5. It’s such a good deal. I was really happy with the organic produce and bread I found on sale this week. That bring my total spent for this week to $25.12.

I’m hoping to find some good deals this week on meat. I’m getting low on chicken. I haven’t heard anything about when the next chicken sale will be with Zaycon Foods, so I need to be on the lookout for a good deal. I know Albertsons had boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale last week, but I didn’t make it to take advantage of the sale.

 What deals did you find while shopping this week?

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  1. It looks like you picked up some nice deals. 🙂 I found a few clearance deals on clothes for my daughters this week. My youngest daughter is constantly getting holes in the knees of her pants, and I found a pair for like $2.24 that I ended up buying for her. Other than that, Target didn’t have many other good deals. 😉

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