Super Saving Saturday, Small Shopping Trip

This week I didn’t do too much shopping. I purchased just a few items, plus my favorite licorice, grapevines. If you haven’t tried them before they are so good.

I will be doing more shopping this next week. Safeway has chicken and ground beef on sale through Tuesday, so I’m hoping to get out and pick up about 10 pounds of each. I also need to go by Winco Foods and pick up our basic staples for the next few weeks.

It’s going to be hot this week, so I’m not looking forward to going out much. Have I mentioned before how much I like the rainy weather? But the shopping has got be done, we gotta eat, so I’m sure I’ll get out to get the deals.

We’ve been getting a ton of raspberries out of our garden. The strawberries are already done for the year and I can’t believe it, but the blueberries are starting to ripen already. We found a handful to eat yesterday. I also harvested a bunch of lettuce, kale and sugar snap peas too. I love shopping my garden for our produce.


Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Purchases

4 Artichoke $.25 each
4 packages of Tomatoes $.25 each
2 boxes Mini Oreos $1.59 each
2 Personal Watermelon $.79 each
2 packages of Pretzel Rods $.50 each
3 packages Grapevines $.33 each
Granola Bars $1
Oreo Cookies $1.59

Total Spent $11.35

I also stopped by the bread store to pick up 4 loaves of organic whole wheat bread for $5. That brings my total for this week to $16.35.

What kind of deals did you find this week? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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