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Super Savings Saturday

Here is my shopping I did this week.

Walgreens from Monday, Spent $2


Monday Shopping trip to Everyday Deals $13.68


Albertsons Trip on Monday $3.18



Bi-Mart Trip on Saturday $19.31


Saturday Trip to Grocery Outlet $13.21


Fred Meyer trip on Saturday $19.66


Saturday Trip to Franz Bread Store $5.19


Saturday Trip to Everyday deals $5.72

I  did some stocking up on tomatoes, chips, mushrooms and cat food this week. I will be doing my monthly shopping trip to Winco next week along with a trip to Everyday deals but that should be all the shopping I will need to do. I went to more stores than usually this week to take advantage of all the sales on items I like to have in my stockpile.

How did your shopping go this week?


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