15 Practical and Fun Gifts for Kids

15 great practical gifts that are also fun for the kids to receive.

If you are a frugal person like me, you want the gifts you give to your kids to be not only fun, but also practical. I find when I get a gift for function, as well as fun, the kids enjoy them a lot longer. They don’t end up in the bottom of the toy box unloved and forgotten about that way.

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Practical but Fun Gifts to Give to Kids

Something the Kids Can Ride

Plasma Car

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There is just something about being free and riding your bikes or trike, that kids just love. I know I used my bike when I was young all the time. Pretty much anything with wheels is a hit with most kids. Our kids love their PlasmaCar. It’s fun to ride on, can be used in the house or the garage when the weather is bad and the great thing about this, grown ups can ride them too.

Build Your Own Kits

Practical and Fun Kids Gift, build your own kits | Frugal Family Home

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Lots of kids love to take things apart to see how they work. So why not take advantage of that curiosity and give them a kit to build something of their own. There are kits for making circuit boards, and kits to make your own Remote Controled Machinesrobots and more.

But did you know there is a kit for your kids to build their very own working computer. I know how cool is that! This gift is a little spendy at $149.99, but when you think about the learning potential and the hours of use the child can get out of this one gift. It is so worth it. This is one gift we are seriously considering for our kids.


Art Supplies

Art supply kits a practical and fun gift for the kids | Frugal Family Home

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Most kids love to create. Give them paper and crayons and they can be entertained for hours. If your kids love to create, think about purchasing art supplies. The best time to purchase art supplies is at back to school time, but you can also find some great deals this time of year too. Sometimes this time of year art supply kits can be really reasonable.



What a cute and practical backpack for a child.

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Kids love to take their things with them and backpacks can be really useful. We homeschool, so our kids don’t need a backpack for school but they both have one. They use their backpacks to take things to entertain them in the car, which can be a real lifesaver. I love this dog one, it’s so cute. They also have other animals too.


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Looks for some fun ones with your kids favorite cartoon characters on them. They are usually on sale this time of year. I recently picked up two pairs of pajamas for my son one with Batman and one with Superman on them for just $20 for both of them.


A pretty journal can make a great gift for a child who loves to write or draw. Just one of the 15 practical and fun gift ideas for kids. | Frugal Family Home

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Now this idea might not be the best for a boy, but lots of girls like to write. Giving them a pretty hardbound journal for them to write, draw and just create in might be a wonderful gift. Plus the completed journal can be a wonderful keepsake for them. I love this Floral Watercolor Journal.



A camera can help a child capture his world and be fun too. One of 15 practical and fun gifts for kids. | Frugal Family Home

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I know lots of kids have cell phones to take photos with. My kids don’t, but they love to take photos. If you have little ones be sure to purchase a kid proof camera for longevity. Older kids might like a point and shoot camera. If your older child is really interested in photography, you might want to invest in a DSLR. Usually you can find some good deal on entry level ones and they can be a camera that lasts for years into adulthood.

Kid Size Real Life Kits

Cooking kits are a great gift for kids.

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Tool Kits
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What I mean by real life sets is those kits that have kid sized items to use. Such as a baking or tool kits. But don’t purchase the play sets, purchase the ones that your kids can actually use. Then when you are baking a cake or making muffins have your kids come alongside you and use their own items to make their own food. This is great to get picky eaters, eating more a variety of foods. The tool kits would be great for those kids who love to help build or repair things around the house.

Lap Desks

Kids can get a lot of use out of a lap desk, be sure to get one with a cupholder.

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These can be wonderful for kids to use in the car to color or on the floor to hold their snack. There are even some with a cup holder to hold beverages or crayons.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes can make a fun and practical stocking stuffer.

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If you were to give your child a regular toothbrush, it might not be a hit. But give them an electric toothbrush and they will love it. It may also help them brush longer too, which is always a struggle at our house.


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My son is constantly asking me what time is it? Is it almost time for this or that? Get the kids a watch and help them learn how to read it. It will help to keep the, what time is it questions away and teach them a skill they really need to learn. My son was thrilled to get a “real” watch like daddy. So, don’t just look at the kids watches.

Cold Weather Gear

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You want to keep the kids active during the winter. Supplying them with good winter gear to keep them warm and happy while playing outside is really important. A set of gloves or mitten or a cute hat can be a great gift.

Book Light

Encourage your kids to read more by giving them a LED book light.

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If you are trying to get your kids into loving books, why not encourage them with a book light. Most kids love flashlights and a book light can be something to give them a way to read at night before bed or even in a tent or fort they have built in the living room. My son would love this LED Book Light.


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My son loves flashlights. He loves to turn off the lights and run around, sneaking as he calls, with his flashlight. I don’t think you can go wrong with this as a gift for a child. Especially if they love to pretend explore. We have found the LED flashlights to be much more battery friendly. Especially if your child has a tendency to leave the flashlight turned on and walk away.

Keepsake Boxes

Help your kids keep their collections together with this cute keepsake box.

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What kid doesn’t like to collect items. Encourage them to keep them picked up by giving them cute storage boxes. It will help to limit the items in their collection to a reasonable amount. But more importantly, it makes it easy for the child to take them to share with friends or grandpa and grandma. These also make great lunch boxes too.

What’s another practical gift but fun gift you could add to the list?


5 thoughts on “15 Practical and Fun Gifts for Kids”

  1. I love this list, Shelly! I know my kids would appreciate a lot of the gifts you mentioned. My daughter received a Curious Chef baking kit a few years ago, and we still use pieces of it on a regular basis. For building, my kids love LEGOs. And art supplies are great for fun and homeschooling. 🙂

  2. You have put together an awesome list. My youngest would probably enjoy the building set kits ad art sets. And we even used to have one of those riding toys that is pictured. I was even able to ride it 😉 Lots of fun!

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