21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge, Day 5

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Day 5, Making a Plan to Shop

Today’s challenge was to make a plan to shop. Over the last few days of the challenge we talked about making a budget. Then making a list of who you would buy for and what you will make or buy. So today is the day to make a plan to shop.

Whether you are shopping online or shopping at the store it’s best to pick a day and time to set aside to just get the shopping done. I know as the month of December continues on, there is always lots to do besides the usually things, so having a plan to get it all done is so important. Here’s how I do my Christmas shopping.

I start as early as I can to shop and I love to shop online. I love shopping online because I can shop around without having to leave the house. I can look for good deals and get the best buy. Since I shop online I always start early, although this year I was a little later than normal getting to my Christmas shopping. Which was starting to stress me out a bit.

But today I actually finished up the last of my online shopping and I will finish my in store shopping this weekend. Then I can give a sigh of relief that it is done. All I will have left to do is to wait for the gifts to arrive in the mail and then wrap them, without my kids seeing them. 🙂

How about you? Are you an early shopper or a wait until the last minute type of shopper? I would love to know, leave me a comment below.



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